Amanda Mack currently resides in Savannah, Georgia where she works in a law office to support her cat, Frankie, and provide her with all of the things she never had growing up. She kept most of her writings to herself until the age of fifteen when she became the youngest staff writer for The Ring Post, a website dedicated to recapping episodes of professional wrestling TV broadcasts. She took up screenwriting in her late teens when she realized she loved writing dialogue more than the details. As a screenwriter, she placed in several competitions including the Los Angeles CineFest where she placed as a semi-finalist, and the Aura Screenwriter Awards where she was announced as a finalist. Recently, she was announced as a finalist in the Boston Screenplay Awards for her short screenplay "Asleep". In 2019, she self-published a speculative fiction novel called The Size of Nobodies which went on to be an editor’s pick in the June 2019 edition of First for Women Magazine. It was highly praised for its dynamic and realistic character relationships. In her free time, she enjoys photography, travel, and threatening to learn to play guitar.