William L. Silvaneus

We live in a world where the habit of labeling people helps us hide from their humanity, their life stories. William L. Silvaneus’s whole life, whether writing or working with trauma victims and the disenfranchised, has been spent trying to smash labels and free people from the constraints labels impose on an individual, social, or political level.

As an author, William draws readers into the lives of people behind society’s labels by placing them in suspense-filled stories. His debut novel, a visceral thriller, reads more like truth than fiction. Unpredictable beauty followed by grim happenings leaves his readers to catch their breath before turning the page. In a unique twist, he develops the novel’s multiple victims to the point that reader finds themselves caring for them and their safety.

William teaches, coaches, and does workshops about how labels dehumanize people and about the brain process that automatically degrades all labels. He helps people find their individual authentic voices and teaches how to talk politics without fear or anger.

Applying his labels insights to needed political reform, William has founded “The 5% Project,” a neutral, nonviolent, nonpartisan gathering of people who hold wildly different political agendas but seek to form a more perfect union, establish justice, and ensure domestic tranquility through dialogue, cooperation, and problem-solving.

His other interests include watercolor painting, creating ornamental egg decorations, writing poetry, and loving his wife, four children, and thirteen grandchildren.