Having published several poems and short stories in previous years and a poetry collection, ‘Muted Hellion’ in 2007, Jacqueline began 'The Two Seeings' novel in 2008. She also embarked on the Creative Writing MLitt at Glasgow University in 2009. In 2010 she ran Poetry@The Ivory and was later Chair of the Scottish Writers Centre. In January 2012, she had a Scots ballad published in the Long Poem Magazine entitled ‘Dumbie & the Devil’, which tells the true story of Janet Douglas, a Scottish witchfinder. Later that year Jacqueline graduated from the MLitt.
In 2013, Pothole Press published ‘Inspiration from the Common Wealth of Writers’ based on Ivory author interviews as an e-book, and in 2015 it was published in print by Fleming Publications. In 2018, Fleming Publications also published the Scottish Witchfinder novel. In the same year, The Two Seeings (Speculative Fiction) was published via the Independent Publishing Network(IPN) in 2020 Slaves of Men and Gods (YA Thriller) 2021 Fragility-Poems 2006-2021 and Mosaic-Poetry & Prose, all via IPN
Jacqueline has before and since had several articles published in various mag and e-zines including www.Hpathy.com and monthly contributions throughout 2018 to www.SibylMagazine.com
Jacqueline has also ran a private practice as a qualified homeopath & wellbeing consultant for the past 25 years.