Xann-shapella Smith

Xann-shapella Smith had the opportunity to study playwriting and screenwriting at Brigham Young University and has brought her plays to the stage on many occasions. Her love for great storytelling has produced scripts that span many genres, including: drama, romance, comedy, fantasy, adventure and science fiction. After making the decision to pen her next screenplay in novel form, she broadened her horizon in terms of storytelling to create the Rome London Series. Her most recent novel, Will-O'-the-Wisp Point, is a stand alone novel taken from one of her many screenplays.

Xann resides on a small farm where the beauty and solace that surround her provide the perfect atmosphere for creating stories as far as the expanse of her imagination. Writing has been one of the great loves of her life and telling a good story is one of her passions. Xann-shapella's writing is a skill that rewards her each and every day and a passion she loves to share with audiences everywhere.