How Freelance Writers Could Get Work Using IG

How Freelance Writers Could Get Work Using IG

At first, the Instagram platform may not seem that helpful for every freelance writer. Writers are about words, but Instagram is about photos, right? Yeah, yes. I have found that IG provides me a great chance to merge with the target audience behind the photos. And I have work offers from editors through Instagram and uses them perfectly to get the work. Let me share with you how.

How To Utilize IG As A Freelance Writer
I need to say openly that we don't have any strategy to use Instagram. Though not having any strategy, I have received many works through IG. Unlike LinkedIn for work, this type of work makes me feel that it is enough to get freelancers on the platform.

Though my usage activity on the platform is slow for uploading content, I will use IG every day. Many say that Twitter is the perfect spot for writers, but I prefer Instagram is the unsung hero.

Here is why.

Other Networks Are Noisy
For every social media network, there are cons and pros. Though I use Twitter, I will use the Social Jukebox to schedule content because I can't be active on the network throughout the day.

I found that Twitter is a noisy platform, and also, many writers do callouts for the pitches. But Instagram is like an opposite mirror to Twitter, a calmer platform. Here, I could get a PR or an editor on the platform, follow them, and they would follow me back on the network. But the same thing rarely happens on Twitter.

IG is not faster than Twitter, so your shares, comments, or likes won't disappear quickly. And it means you have a great chance to bring a strong connection with clients and editors.

Instagram Is a Storage Of Capable Corporate Clients
It feels weird to get clients on IG, but carefully listen to me. Everyone knows that content acts as a king, and many NGOs, companies, universities, agencies, are utilizing social media networks to get the target audience through posting content.

Instagram's beauty is that there are various ways to find and search for potential clients.

Easy Way to Find Clients On Instagram
Assume that you are a diet freelance writer and you are searching for clients. You may have a lot of interest or any experience in writing about the topic of diet.

Typing the word diet in the search bar is the first thing to start finding clients. Then I refer to the list of hashtags, bloggers, and companies and just have a glance at their acquired real credentials. First, I would check the first appeared result for the word diet and analyze the account.

I will check the followers' count and website that they have provided. The highest followers mean you can reach more audiences for your content. Then, I will check the content type they post regularly. Do they have any blogs? Is it frequently updated? Etc.

If they sell any products, there might be an excellent opportunity for writing descriptions of products with content strategy helps.

An Another Way To Get Clients
The second thing is to search for a domain within your industry. And again, check the followers' count and their website. If they produce video content, it might not be the best fit, but they want to make blog posts or transcribe the video contents to strike through the visual content. Rinse and repeat the process.

You are searching for new opportunities where you could help them in achieving their objectives. Just you could contact them through a DM, an email, or begin commenting on their contents by introducing yourself.

IG Contains Vast Editors
I had no idea about Instagram when I joined the platform. My account was private, and that means I want to approve people to follow me. I changed to the public account once I started writing for my niche. Later, I realized the platform's potential using hashtags. Then, I started following many writers.

I obtained many pictures of some PRs and editors when Instagram stories were introduced. Then, I used up the part to bring out my writing ideas that received many authentic IG story views with a potential reach in a short time.

Though I didn't apply any strategy on the platform, I will manage to bring strong bonds with editors and writers on Instagram. I will like or comment on the post they have uploaded, but I won't force them. Moreover, editors avoid you if you like or comment on their posts regularly to get your commission.

Most editors won't get you on emails, and they will reach you through IG stories or direct DMs on the platform.

Don't Stop Uploading Your Food Pics.
Not only bring your bio more strong, post contents that you love more. It is really about being more authentic. And don't forget that editors are silent on the platform; they are keenly noticing what you are doing.

To upload the things, be aware that the images you are providing are getting a broad audience. I love the platform more.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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