Douglas Levine

Dr. Doug Levine is a physician scientist. He is the primary author or co-author of 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and meeting abstracts, and is lead author on a new narrative review focused on health care reform in the United States. Complementing his technical communications, Levine’s more than forty years in health care provide a foundation for writing fictional narratives based on his experience in clinical research, providing medical care, acquiring insights into patients’ illness experiences, and becoming ever more inspired by patients’ journeys. His writings follow a path in an exploration for beauty in characters who seem flawed, but for reasons beyond their complete control.
Levine’s medical professional expertise helped him create his debut novel, Add A Stone and Go Pierce The Sky. His short fiction works include “Two Oaks” and "It's On The House" published, respectively, in the 2020 anthology, Hope, and 2022 anthology, Iconic Rhode Island, through the Association of Rhode Island Authors. He is at work on a second novel, Whither Hummingbirds Are Bound. Levine authors fictional pieces under the pseudonym, Abraham Simon. He and his wife of almost forty years reside in Seekonk, Massachusetts where they read, write, walk, bicycle, and attend to their gardens, trees, and bird feeders.

Award Category
Screenplay Award Category
1959: Fourteen-year-old caddie, Izzy, and US Army veteran, Pat, are bound by their disfigurements and secrets they unearth at their golf course. 2013: After a life pursuing Pat’s counsel to succeed despite obstacles, Izzy’s questions about his roots and the cues for his life quest are answered.
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