Scott Rose

I'm an unpublished, aspiring author, with a love for locked room mysteries and boundless imagination. My first full length novel was my first murder mystery story, written for the toughest critics of all - the women of my immediate family - as a Christmas present, thus answering the question; 'what do you get the people who have everything?'

Receiving my first couple of 'shortlistings' recently has rekindled my dream of seeing my work on bookshelves, in the hands of people lost in escapism or children roaming their imagination.

Hopefully this is one step in that direction - and you are one of those people.

Award Category
Screenplay Award Category
A missing person is seen walking the Lakeland fells – by three witnesses, at three different locations in a remote pass, but at exactly the same time. The impossible problem facing Inspector Lucy Parker and Harry Slater is that when the man was spotted, he was already dead.
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