Kathleen Hannon

A former Hollywood development executive, working on such films such as "U-571" and "Terminator 3," Kathleen Hannon rotated her North Carolina desk from west-facing to east when the recession hit and wrote her first middle grade novel for her daughters. "Bye for Now: A Wisher's Story" was published by Egmont .

Kathleen occasionally writes for Hollywood: "The Lost Chord" with guitarist Andy Summers, and more recently "Falling," but life as a single working mom consumes most of her time and provides endless inspiration. "The Confession of Hemingway Jones" is Kathleen's first YA/New Adult novel, and is dedicated to every teen that has ever made a radical and regrettable mistake and sought redemption.

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When Hemingway Jones swerves off the road and accidentally kills his father, he makes a desperate choice to take his father's body to Lifebank where he works as an intern and does what the doctors and scientists could not: bringing his father back to life with a host of unintended consequences.
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kathleenhannon Tue, 07/06/2022 - 17:23

After hijacking the Research Center overnight, Hemingway forces his father back to life. And while his dad is still distinctly Bill Jones, his skin has turned ashen, he digests hydrogen sulfide instead of food, and he cannot exist in temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite these limitations, the dying billionaire founder of the Biotech Research Center will stop at nothing to know the secret to what Hemingway did, including forcing him to recreate the very experiment Hemingway swore he'd never do again. Trapped by his own conscience, Hem finds a reason to live in Melissa, a young woman whose little sister is dying of a rare disease. "The Confession of Hemingway Jones "explores the Frankenstein themes of naturalism, the ethical boundaries of science, and the ever-blurring margin between life and death.