Neil Chase

I'm a writer, actor, and story coach from Edmonton, Canada. After working for years in a technical field, the company I worked for went under. Seeing it as an opportunity rather than a drawback, I decided to follow my passion of writing and film fulltime. With numerous produced screenplays and acting roles, along with recent forays into voice over work, motion capture, teaching and mentorship, and even a stint as a radio host, I'm busier than ever doing what I love. My directorial-debut feature film, Spin the Wheel, has just begun its festival run with a world premiere at the upcoming Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, and is already receiving fantastic critical reviews.

With over 100 writing awards, including top prizes at American Fiction Awards, Script Summit, FilmQuest, Screamfest, West Field Screenwriting Awards, Global eBook Awards, and the Arthur Rosenfeld Award for Excellence in Dramatic Writing, I'm motivated to keep bettering my work and sharing what I've learned with other aspiring writers and filmmakers!

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Kirstie Long Mon, 14/08/2023 - 16:43

The characterisation is good and clearly defines who is who in a plot with a number of roles. I liked the writing style and prose too. Definitely intrigued as to how this progresses.

Gale Winskill Tue, 22/08/2023 - 17:15

Taught, tight, spare prose. I like the fact that you start with essentially dubious individuals, who find themselves in a situation gone badly wrong, as it gives it an interesting twist from the start.