Aaron A. Davis

Man with short beard and glasses, and short brown hair, is standing in front of a painting of Autumn trees with a closed mouth smile.
I am a writer who has recently found true joy in fatherhood and story writing from a Creative Writing degree from the University of Washington. Now in Colorado with wife and child, I have continued to explore my fascinations in the concepts of complex emotions and the elusive soul; finding my own personal definitions and studying how other minds cope or explore them.

The Fantasy Genre has always been my mode of choice, because I enjoy how it can allow writing to pick and choose which reflective elements of the real world are used, and can study those elements in a focused way. In building my own written world, I have been able to pursue a compilation of journeys that people take through life, with their best, worst, and unknown pieces connecting to those of everyone else and see how humanity builds on each other and continues to progress.
Award Category Finalist
Award Submission Title
The Dead Breathe Still
When their land of living magic begins to rupture peace and the very earth, a group of young adults attempt to find answers to the unyielding veil of the soul by restoring a vanished order of peace keepers, in order to master the unchecked storms that threaten to tear apart the essence of existence.