Jane Bond

In my life I've worked in factories, behind several bars and once ran a livery stable. I spent fifteen years as a software engineer in England, Ireland and Scotland – sorry Wales. In 2007 we moved to France. Now I make jam and sell it on the local markets, which is far less lucrative, but far more fun. So... writing experience 0%, life experience 100%.
Some of the authors I read a lot are Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Ben Aaronovitch and their influence is probably evident, but I was moved to write this, my first novel, because my protagonist formed herself in my head and I thought, ‘What if… ?’

Screenplay Award Category
A talented thief buries her old life in a dull, safe one, until mischance forces her to run. Befriended by a bizarre circus, she must battle illusion and reality in two worlds to save her life, and others, whilst being pursued for a stolen fortune in diamonds, and wanted for terrorism and murder.
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