Writing Mentorship Award 2022

The Page Turner Award's Writing Mentorship Award is for aspiring writers who would like to win a writing mentor to help them get their writing projects through to publication ready stage.

"The Last of Belarock Farm" by Joel Herrling

PARKER HOSTLER, a male in his late thirties, and wife (MARIE), their two young sons, are about to lose his family farm in central New York. He is worried about losing the connection to the past generations and that his sons should also be able to experience farm life as he did.

"The Strength of the Heart" by Madam Green
Genre: Horror

Two friends-turned-rivals hear the screams of those in need. How far will they go to help?

"A helpful guide to motivate one’s pursuit of activities" by michaelmolitchhou Molitch-Hou

Have you ever wondered why to pet a cat? Why to have sex? Why to fall in love? Why to live? Why to die? Have you ever accidentally put an empty carton of juice back in the fridge even though it was empty? My book completely lacks the answers to these questions and more, but not for a lack of trying.

"Holy Loch" by Sandra Kohls
Genre: Crime

Dunoon, Scotland 1984, home to a US submarine base. Eva Berlin, FBI officer non-extraordinaire. When a bag belonging to her childhood friend Leah Ross turns up near where she went missing fifteen years before, Eva goes back to Scotland to face the demons she's been running from ever since.

"The Pumpkin Fairy and the Dragon King" by Will Adkins
Genre: Fantasy

A young fairy man from a dwarf mining village had longed for love, but he was not as much of a provider as he was a lover. When a dragon whose very body was encrusted with riches attacked the village, he set out to find this Dragon King's den and potentially its riches.

"The Convicted" by Nell_Anthony Anthony
Genre: Fantasy

The Draiocht clans are battling the most dangerous side of the evil amongst them. They are charged by the God’s to win the war, as they not only fight for the Draiocht and their lands, but everyone in all the worlds.

"Ana and the Other Worlds: The Secret of the Adaras" by Grace Swee

Under a mysterious creature’s leading, Ana, a foster child, finds a door into another world where she is drafted into an elite magic school. Here, she unravels the secrets of her heritage and discovers she must face an evil that runs in her blood.

"Why Not Take all of Me" by Anne Greer

A formerly abused college senior learns his dreams are doomed unless he secures an extra credit independent study program. When the project to save his future uncovers an organ harvesting ring targeting foster children, surviving his own childhood nightmare and secret handicap take on new meaning.

"The Sabrerattlers" by Patrick de Moss
Genre: Fantasy

A young girl races to find a relic from another world, while discovering maybe her mother wasn't actually from Arkansas after all.

"Have you met your Parents?" by Wendy Turner
Genre: Memoir

This is a my story, my fusion of words, a bundle of thoughts or jumbled moments. I am not sure what the label is, but these are my words following the death of my parents, then finding their treasured possessions, all while I was in therapy for PTSD. What an adventure it has been....

"Cemi Precious" by Len Cobb

After a year unconscious and another in the mountains, a woman with severe memory loss takes a job and her ex to Puerto Rico, where she has to fight her sketchy brain to rebuild her marriage, and use her rock climbing skills to battle an evil human trafficker.