Ann Brady ~ Writing Mentorship Award

Ann Brady will be judging the Page Turner Awards Writing Mentorship Award 2022, offering a writing mentorship prize to authors and writers

Ann Brady will be judging the Page Turner Awards Writing Mentorship Award 2023, offering a writing mentorship prize to authors and writers.

Author and Principal of Mentoring Writers Organisation, Ann Brady, who has been working in the craft of writing for over 30 years, is kindly offering a mentorship prize worth up to £2500!

The Mentoring Writers Programme prize will depend on the individual needs of the writer or writers involved; from improving the novel they are working on, starting or preparing a manuscript ready for publication.

Whatever stage the recipient is at in their creative journey, Mentoring Writers will provide tailored tuition for what is needed. This will include the creation of good writing practices up to the process of getting the work in print. Ann will share hard-earned advice through her ‘Mentoring Writers Programme’ and will explain in easy language how to progress the writing craft needed to produce not just a good manuscript but a great book.

About Ann Brady

Ann began her writing journey in the 1980s with non-fiction that was featured in national magazines, newspapers, and educational tutorials. She went on to create one of the first informational websites in the UK, winning The International Association of Web Masters & Designers Golden Web Award for Excellence in Web Design, Creativity and Content, three years in succession. The retail website was the first of its kind.

Expanding into writing fiction, Ann has written in a variety of genres, including an Award-Winning Historical Fiction Novel, a series of Children’s Picture Story Books as well as Short Story Mystery and Thriller books.

Retiring from business allowed Ann to take up writing full time, and to begin mentoring writers of all ages, worldwide.
Ann has worked with, and published, manuscripts of younger writers under the, banner.

She has also been a judge with the BBC Radio2 500 Words Competition, is a member of SCBWI (the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators), a member of the Society of Authors in both the UK and Australia, as well as being a member of The Association of Freelance Journalists. Writing is Ann’s joy and passion. Passing on what she has learnt to others, especially the young, is a great pleasure to her.

The Mentoring Writers Mentorship Prize

It doesn’t matter if you are working on your first book or your 20th, all writers can benefit from guidance and encouragement. Hence, why Ann has been nicknamed the ‘Fairy Godmother of Aspiring Writers.’

A Mentoring Writers Programme will be adapted to the individual needs of the writer involved. It doesn’t matter whether it's improving the novel you’re working on or just getting your manuscript ready for publication. That is what MW does.

Whatever stage you are at in your creative journey, Mentor Writers will provide tailored tuition just for you. Whether it be creating good writing to the process of getting your work into print. You will, with Ann’s help, learn how to keep writing when the going gets tough, thus ensuring your novel doesn’t end up getting stashed away in a drawer or end up languishing on your laptop.

Writing Mentorship Prize Details

The Mentoring Writers programmes can and probably will stretch for over twelve months, or maybe longer, depending on the type of manuscript you are creating.

Please be aware that the mentoring process is not a fast track to success. It is a long road along which you learn the art and craft of writing. It is to be done in your own time, at your leisure, and in a way that makes you comfortable and satisfied with each section.
And, if at any time you wish to repeat something or are having problems with your writing, then do not worry or fret. Ann will be there to ensure that the work you finally produce is the best it can be. That is your goal and it is ours.
There is nothing more enjoyable for us than to see your smile as you hold that first copy of your manuscript in book form.

Your Mentorship Prize will include:

Initial Discussion: You will have a one-to-one discussion (online or in-person) so that you and Ann can determine where you are in the writing process. From this, she will create a Mentoring Programme geared to suit your specific writing requirements.

Story Drafting: Having started writing your novel, you and Ann will read and assess your work. She will offer you all appropriate advice to aid you in strengthening and developing your story in order to make it presentable for an agent or publisher.

Feedback/Discussions: There will be regular discussions and updates on the progress of your writing, and you will be able to contact Ann at any time if you have any specific enquiries or if you need special assistance.
Resources: Ann will automatically register your email for the Mentoring Writers Resources, which will benefit you through receipt of informational sheets; The MW Newsletter, which offers regular updates of what is happening in the writing world and links you to her accounts where you can upload your work.

Review/Edit: Once edited, your manuscript, but only if you feel it is ready, will be reviewed by Ann. She will make any amendments before offering it to Beta readers for additional review. After their comments are received, she will do a final review and edit prior to publication. (Please note, depending on the method of publication, some Publishers may still want the work re-edited). After that, we will discuss the process of how to get the work published.

Agents/Publishers: Please be aware that Mentoring Writers and Ann Brady cannot guarantee assistance with the writer gaining access to an Agent or Publisher. However, Ann will advise and aid you in the process of submission, synopsis writing, and the search for an appropriate publisher (traditional or Indie). In some cases, she may (but cannot guarantee) arrange publishing services.

NB: Please note that in the Page Turner Awards for 2020 & 2021 Ann chose to share the Mentoring Award between two recipients. This was based on the quality of the work provided by the two winners. She may decide to do so again for 2022.

Prize Value: £2500

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