2021 Screenplay Award Finalists

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Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2021 Screenplay Award finalists. Please join us in congratulating these aspiring screenwriters by leaving them a comment at the bottom of their finalist submission (click 'see more') or join in the discussion in our finalists' forum.

The finalists' listed below are shown in random order for all screenplay categories, which include, Film Script, Documentary, TV Series, Short Film, and Book Adaptation Needed. Wherever you see two of the same face, it's not a mistake, those writers are to be applauded for having more than one submission reach the finals!

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Rachel K Parsonage Parsonage for "The Porter: Retribution in Lockdown"

Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm a GP partner from North Wales and amateur creative writer. Three years ago, I joined a creative writing group at my local library and I've never looked back. After coming runner up in a short story competition, on my days off I decided to have a go at writing a novel. But on the

Laurie Jameson Jameson for "The Waystation"

Laurie Jameson is an administrative paper-pusher by day, a writer by night, and a self-proclaimed book hoarder. While freely admitting she’s a book addict, it’s not an admission of guilt, but rather a badge she proudly displays for all the world to see. (One can never have too many book cases and

D.A. Holdsworth Holdsworth for "How to Buy a Planet"

D.A. Holdsworth entered adult life as a linguist and a student of French and German. After graduating, he took a detour into the world as finance, working as a trainee fund manager during a period that took in the bursting of the tech bubble and 9-11. After two turbulent years, he left to build a

nicola green for "The Split"

Studied at AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School), Sydney, NSW. Currently writing a sequel to my biopic feature The Split, entitled The Reunion. I have dual nationality, born and raised in London, UK, moved to Australia over 25 years ago, where I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia

Shelagh Mazey Mazey for "BRANDY ROW"

Shelagh Mazey lives in a thatched cottage in Hardington Moor, Somerset. Since retiring from the NHS she has written an ongoing saga of regional historical romantic novels, commencing in 1830 and leading up until 1876. Her first story, Brandy Row is a pastoral tale involving smuggling, set on

Shelagh Mazey Mazey for "LEGACY OF VAN DIEMEN'S LAND"

Shelagh Mazey lives in a thatched cottage in Hardington Moor, Somerset. Since retiring from the NHS she has written an ongoing saga of regional historical romantic novels, commencing in 1830 and leading up until 1876. Her first story, Brandy Row is a pastoral tale involving smuggling, set on

ColinSands Sands for "The Book of True Fathers"

I’ve been a secret scribbler for most of my life. I lived in and around Belfast for thirty-five years before moving away. My wife and I were Romeo and Juliet over there, just another Irish couple where we live now, our Scottish born children unaware of the resonance of their surname. Back then we

belefant Belefant for "Nobody Dies Until The Very End (And Even Then It's Okay)"

When Brian Belefant was seven, his best friend Steve got him one of those cardboard rocket kits for his birthday. Brian followed the directions meticulously and when the rocket was completely assembled, he invited all of his friends and family to the baseball field at the elementary school to

Norman Whaler Whaler for "Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge - The sequel to A Christmas Carol"

Norman Whaler is a multi-award winner from Grosse Pointe, MI, USA. With over 120 awards for his children's books, Norman focuses on positive messages, some on serious topics and some that are just about fun. He is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators), IAN, and IBPA

Regitze Ladekarl Ladekarl for "Moments of Livvy"

Regitze Ladekarl crafts universal stories from everyday lives with an honest and sharp pen, and MOMENTS OF LIVVY, her debut novel, is such a story. She has been featured with shorter pieces in I’LL HAVE WEDNESDAY, Volume 4, ONTHEBUS, Not The Last Issue 23, and the forthcoming ONTHEBUS, Issue 24. She

JAlexander Alexander for "The Choice"

James Alexander has always had a deep fascination with science fiction and fantasy. As an avid fan of all things extra-terrestrial, he’s passionate about crafting unique and thrilling stories that bring the universe and its mysterious inhabitants to life. In his spare time, James enjoys exploring

meganmontgomerywrites Montgomery for "Well...That Was Awkward"

Megan writes happily-ever-afters for unlikeable female heroines, with an extra protein shake of humor. Her debut novel, WELL . . . THAT WAS AWKWARD was inspired by her homesickness for southern Maryland. She now lives on the prairie with her husband, son, and mom. When she’s not writing, reading

Astor Steele Curran for "Dead Sun: Lady of Londinium"

Sara Curran is an established author writing Young Adult/New Adult Sci/Fi, Steampunk, Gothic & Cyberpunk Fantasy and contemporary romance novels under her pen name Astor Steele. Her writing career began and also still continues in the world of romance in which she has been extensively traditionally

Rachel Newman Newman for "Bacchus or Bust"

As a child I can remember the thrill of a notebook, the excitement of a new book. I was always writing and reading. I grew up in Kent, studied Optometry at City University, and worked for an independent practice in Middlesex. Along the way, I married Chris, a vet, became a mother, and wrote. All the

Nava Silton Silton for "Pure"

Nava R. Silton, Ph.D., a Developmental Psychologist, received her B.S. from Cornell University in 2002 and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Fordham University in 2009. Silton has worked at Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, and Mediakidz, and has consulted for Netflix, Blue’s Clues & You and The Autism Seaver

jaynesbook Doxtater for "The Box in the Closet"

Jayne Doxtater was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently resides in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. A business owner and esthetician of 40 years, she is now semi-retired and loves spending time outdoors. A self-proclaimed tree hugger and chocolate lover, Jayne is

StarQueenLaurel Fletcher for "The World Over"

I wrote my first book when I was six years old about a fat cat named Stephanie who wandered around the city looking for her family, and I never looked back. As a writer, my goal is to continually move forward, learning from my past self, as well as others, in an effort to become the best I can at my

Alexi Arlidge ARLIDGE for "Paris Buddy"

Corporate turned creative, I am a City escapee, now debut novelist and freelance marketing & business consultant. My novels are written with screenplay adaptation in mind, drawing on the reality of the highs and lows, twists and turns, of modern life and love. Stories designed to entertain, provoke

NEEL PATEL PATEL for "Tobin and Blake"

N.R. Patel was born in London, where after graduating from the LSE, he worked in a financial career that spanned London, Budapest, Dublin and New York. One of his short stories, A New Lease of Life, was published in 2018 by the Claret Press in their collection: Insights: Fifteen Stories Exploring

Steve Bennedik BENNEDIK for "Muse"

I am a journalist who worked for Newspapers and now Television news. This is the true story of Kathleen Newton and her relationship with three men. The Doctor she was sent to India to marry, the Naval Officer she fell in love with on the voyage, and the Artist who immortalised her on her return