2021 Screenplay Award Finalists

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Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2021 Screenplay Award finalists. Please join us in congratulating these aspiring screenwriters by leaving them a comment at the bottom of their finalist submission (click 'see more') or join in the discussion in our finalists' forum.

The finalists' listed below are shown in random order for all screenplay categories, which include, Film Script, Documentary, TV Series, Short Film, and Book Adaptation Needed. Wherever you see two of the same face, it's not a mistake, those writers are to be applauded for having more than one submission reach the finals!

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S J Mantle MANTLE for "The Accidental Warrior"

S J Mantle is a graduate of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology. She is married and has two grown-up children. She divides her time between writing and running a smallholding in the West Country. As a police officer for twenty-seven years, she worked on some high-profile criminal

Rachel K Parsonage Parsonage for "The Porter: Retribution in Lockdown"

Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm a GP and amateur creative writer. I love writing about the grittiness of the seemingly mundane, the ordinary, and what, on the surface appears to be non-descript. Ordinary people fascinate me. I find them so interesting, especially when you find out that they are not ordinary at

Laurie Jameson Jameson for "The Waystation"

Laurie Jameson is an administrative paper-pusher by day, a writer by night, and a self-proclaimed book hoarder. While freely admitting she’s a book addict, it’s not an admission of guilt, but rather a badge she proudly displays for all the world to see. (One can never have too many book cases and

claire partin Partin for "Good Enough"

CLAIRE PARTIN is a storyteller, artist, writer, lyricist, song improvisor and actor living in West Hollywood, California. She recently co-wrote the musical “Heartland” with composer Kat Zimmerman about an Amish teen who moves to the big city only to have his American dreams dashed when he witnesses