2021 Screenplay Award Longlist

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nicktaylorbuck Taylor Buck for "The Tunnel"

Nick’s writing journey was unusual. Invited onto the set of a high profile TV show, he witnessed the power of storytelling and was completely hooked. Nobody was more surprised by this than him, and in the last two years he has written a novel (placed 2nd in a national competition), a short story

StarQueenLaurel Fletcher for "The World Over"

I wrote my first book when I was six years old about a fat cat named Stephanie who wandered around the city looking for her family, and I never looked back. As a writer, my goal is to continually move forward, learning from my past self, as well as others, in an effort to become the best I can at my

TinaBeattie Beattie for "The Good Priest"

Why do I write? "What good is love if it is not shared?" (from "This Bitter Earth" by Dinah Washington) Writing - like love - is nothing if it is not shared. Even the most private diary has an audience - an other to whom it is addressed. To write is to make words flesh, to take them out of the realm

ddalton Dalton for "Winter War"

D. Dalton is an award-winning novelist and an optioned screenwriter, who has a passion for historical fiction placed in the real world. She also hosts the podcast Dark Kingdom Arts, which is a fun adventure into how-to-write and the pitfalls that popular movies, books, and TV shows often make.

Christianne Robinson Robinson for "Hedged"

Christianne is an attorney in Houston, Texas. She enjoys words, happy hour, cheese, cars, and Longhorn football. Currently, she lives with her husband and their cat Batman; soon they will be adding a Great Pyrenees puppy to the family.

Nick Walsh Walsh for "Cryin' Times"

Nick wrote his first screenplay over 20 years ago using Syd Field's book as a reference and it won 2nd Place Runner-up at the Austin Film Festive. He didn’t write another until he retired from the construction business five years ago and got a Master Screenwriter Certificate after attending