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Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2021 Writing Award finalists. Please join us in congratulating these rising stars by leaving them a comment at the bottom of their finalist submission (click 'see more') or join in the discussion in our finalists' forum. The finalists' listed below are shown in random order.

And wherever you see two of the same face, it's not a mistake, those writers are to be applauded for having more than one submission reach the finals!

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Robin Hawke for "All The Bridges We Cross"
As a kid, Robin and siblings couldn't wait for their parents to go out and leave Robin babysitting. Robin would turn over the claw-footed antique coffee table and position one brother and two sisters at each leg and hold on to one. All set and hanging on for dear life, they would fly off to far-off
E. L. Diamond for "Kings of Bedlam"

E. L. Diamond is a writer and educator currently living in Omaha, Nebraska. Her short fiction and poems have appeared in journals such as The Pinch, Literary Orphans, The American Journal of Poetry, The 2River View, and Storyglossia. She reads and writes about queer life and love and she has a

Hayley Constantine for "Glitter and Petals"

Exploring themes of loneliness, survival and friendship, Glitter and Petals is my debut novel about the topical issue of gaslighting and controlling behaviour in what appears to be a perfectly ordinary relationship. I felt inspired to write about this often invisible type of abuse following a change

Abigail Chandler for "Sidekick"

Novelist, playwright, script writer and journalist. My debut play, Look Who's All Grown Up, was staged at The Space from 15-19 June, and received four-star reviews.

Jake Gordon for "THE MOSCOW MULE"

I have no published works, and this is my second foray into novel-writing. I’ve been a freelance English tutor for the last five years. As all my work is online, I’ve used the opportunity to travel extensively, and have lived in six different countries since 2016. I completed a BA in Arabic &

Finnian Burnett for "My One Gay Novel"

Finnian Burnett is a professor, a writer, and a lifelong learner. They’re a doctoral student at Murray State University and Creative Writing Professor with the Southern New Hampshire University MFA program. Finn runs the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy and will corner people at

Finnian Burnett for "Revenge Prose"

Finnian Burnett is a professor, a writer, and a lifelong learner. They’re a doctoral student at Murray State University and Creative Writing Professor with the Southern New Hampshire University MFA program. Finn runs the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy and will corner people at

Finnian Burnett for "Coyote Loses His Soul"

Finnian Burnett is a professor, a writer, and a lifelong learner. They’re a doctoral student at Murray State University and Creative Writing Professor with the Southern New Hampshire University MFA program. Finn runs the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy and will corner people at

GregoryBoydAuthor Boyd for "Jack and the Knight Stones"

I am an IT code tamer (down code, bad code!) and this is my second novel, self-publishing my first one. Interested in writing since a young lad, I used to create short stories for the school paper, with dreams of publishing a book later on. I'm also a voracious piranha when it comes to reading books

Morgan Tucker for "The Vision Casting Chronicles"

Morgan is an African American woman of Caribbean descent from Los Angeles, California. She grew up reading young adult fantasy but longed to cheer on a protagonist who looked like herself. Morgan holds a degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California. She hopes her writing will

Sarah Morin for "The Seven Strings"

The moment Sarah wanted to be a writer was when her family went to see L. M. Montgomery's house, author of Anne of Green Gables. She was seven-years-old and remembered seeing her desk and wondering about what kind of magic happened there. Nowadays, she's just happy to be able to find her own desk

Josie Schneider for "The Last Best Life of Chelsea Morning"

Josie Schneider recently retired as the deputy editor for the Ann Arbor Observer, a forty-five year-old monthly newsmagazine. As a freelancer, she has published articles in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, Hour Detroit, International Living, and many travel publications. This is Josie's

Rob Silver for "CHOKE"

I live in Surrey with my wife and two young children, and work as a freelance Producer/Director for television. I'm a voracious reader, particularly crime and thriller novels.

Shirley Song for "A Silhouette of Monsters"

I’m an Asian American who loves the fantastic and mysterious. Living in San Jose, California, my day job is making and delivering robots, and my night job is making and delivering worlds.

Sean Armstrong for "Benson Family Secrets"

A former elementary school teacher, I received my Bachelor’s degree in "Film & Television Production" from Emerson College. I placed in the screenwriting competitions of several film festivals including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Slamdance. And I came in second on the Blacklist, an

Torrey Gann for "Of Sugar & Blood"

M. Torrey Gann is the author of twelve books. She is a two-time Thurber House Residency in Children's Literature nominee, plus a two-time winner of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association's (PNWA) literary awards in the mainstream novel and young adult categories. Among other honors, her books

Jacob Witten for "Immune"

Jacob Witten is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT working on CRISPR gene therapy with degrees in computational biology and biophysics. While not in the lab, he spends most of his time running, reading, or writing. The latter interest has brought forth his sci-fi thriller Immune, inspired by the science

nicktaylorbuck Taylor Buck for "Into The Green"

Nick’s writing journey was unusual. Invited onto the set of a high profile TV show, he witnessed the power of storytelling and was completely hooked. Nobody was more surprised by this than him, and in the last two years he has written a novel (placed 2nd in a national competition), a short story

Julie Sullivan for "Running to Stand Still"

Julie Sullivan is an experienced writer, editor and researcher, with work published in Wired, WebReview.com and Ms.Money.com. Having earned an MFA in Creative Writing and a doctorate in International and Multicultural Education, she currently teaches at the University of San Francisco, and writes

Steven Brody for "WHEN WE SEE LAND"

I am a native of Sheffield, though I grew up largely in the United States. I studied law at Stanford University and now split my time whenever possible between Los Angeles, where I practise criminal defence, and Europe (London and Athens), where most of my family still live. I’m a lover of languages

Kay Smith-Blum Smith-Blum for "The House on Desco Drive"

Kay Smith-Blum, a recovering retailer, writing in Seattle, was named Woman Business Owner (NWWA) of 2013. Smith-Blum is also a former President of the Seattle School Board and co-authored the “Every Man, Every Woman” series published by Schurman Fine Papers. She has written two novels of historical

msalort Salort for "Ex & Why"

Michael Salort is the creator and writer of the television dramedy series Inside Dope, a 2019 finalist in the recognized NYC Screenplay Competition, and recently optioned by Rheingold Films in Los Angeles. He is the creator and writer of the television dramedy series, Smoke & Mirrors, recently

Sven Straumann for "Gravitas"

Sven Straumann is a scientist and neurosurgeon-in-training, and a writer at heart. He studied medicine in Switzerland and lives in the Netherlands, where he is writing his doctoral thesis on brain physiology and epilepsy. Sven is trained in professional scientific writing and won the annual Karger

Ann Worthington Worthington for "Half of the Puzzle"

Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Ann Worthington earned both a B.A. in Psychology and a J.D. from The University of Texas at Austin. Now retired from her legal career, she lives in Southern California. Her first novel, Tales of Nash, was published in 2020. When she’s not reading or writing

Selina Beety for "On the Brink "

Selina Beety was born in Sunderland, UK, and spent a short part of her childhood in South Africa. Moving between countries at a formative age, and then growing up in a town stripped of its industries and identity, Selina developed an abiding interest in the social myths that bind and sometimes

Dixon Reuel for "The Sea Hearth"

Dixon Reuel is the author of "Rise of One - Blood Brute Series #1" She writes about vampires, zombies, and other SFF elements at dixonreuel.com. She has been runner-up in The Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award, The James White Award, and The Aeon Award. She was awarded a residency at The Tyrone Guthrie

Debbie Neckel for "Tears of Steel"

Writer, dreamer, animal lover and super gardener extraordinaire. That's the short version. I owned a bookstore for 20 years and sold it in my early 40s. It was time for a huge life change that fit the timing of my midlife crisis. I went to the police academy at age 45 after losing 40 pounds and

Melissa Beaty for "Birth of a Guardian"

Founder of Melissa Beaty's Bible Resource Library, Melissa has dedicated her life to helping others explore the riches of Scripture. Since her conversion from atheism, she has applied her formal training in philosophy and education to help others understand biblical principles from both Christian

Stan Williamson Williamson for "FALLEN CANDY"

I wrote Just Write, the romantic comedy feature film that put Jeremy Piven on the map. Winner Best Picture (Best in Fest) SANTA BARBARA FILM FESTIVAL. Winner WILDsound TV Pilot contest October 2015. Finalist for two scripts, TV Pilot and Comedy, in the 2016 Las Vegas International Screenplay

Stephen Mitchell for "Killing Sasha Felton"

After over thirty years teaching English to secondary school students, I now work in the charity sector and write in my spare time. I've written a series of YA novels, numerous blog posts, am a top 3% of contributor to Writers Stack Exchange and critique other people's work on Scribophile.

PS Livingstone for "Awakening"

Awakening is my debut adult fantasy novel, the first in The Transcendent Saga trilogy. It is a compelling tale of love, sacrifice, emergence and magic, and about living with the choices we make. This book fills a gap in the bookshelves by utilising a contemporary setting, furnished with the

Sian Staley for "The Omega Sequence"

An eclectic mix of bustling Chicago streets and genteel Charleston style, Sian Staley grew up in the Jefferson Park area of the Windy City and currently resides in coastal South Carolina. She received a B.A. in English, and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, then spent over