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Susana Imaginário for "Wyrd Gods"
Genre: Fantasy

Susana Imaginário lives in Ireland with her husband and their extremely spoiled dog. Her work combines mythology with science fiction, fantasy and psychology in a strange way.

Maryann Miller for "Desperate Season"
Genre: Crime

Maryann Miller is an award-winning author of numerous books, screenplays, and stage plays. She started her professional career as a journalist, writing columns, feature stories, and short fiction for regional and national publications. Now she writes primarily mysteries, including the critically

Helen Matthews for "The Girl in the Van"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Helen Matthews writes page-turning psychological suspense novels and is fascinated by the darker side of human nature and how a life can change in an instant. Her novel The Girl in the Van, published by Darkstroke Books, won the suspense and thriller genre in the 2022 Pageturner Awards. Other novels

Jayne Doxtater for "The Box in the Closet"
Genre: Memoir

Jayne Doxtater was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently resides in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. A business owner and esthetician of 40 years, she is now semi-retired and loves spending time outdoors. A self-proclaimed tree hugger and chocolate lover, Jayne is

Bob Palmer for "Hacking George"
Genre: Comedy & Humour

Bob Palmer has been, in chronological order, a construction worker, town planner, rock drummer, graphic designer, award-winning adman, entrepreneur, scriptwriter and movie producer. He gets bored easily. In his spare time, he's been caught in a Utah desert flash flood, set off the alarms at Area 51

Michelle Cook for "Tipping Point"
Genre: Action Adventure

Michelle Cook writes thrillers and dystopian fiction. She lives in the UK with her husband, their two young children, and a cat called Lyra Belacqua. Her first joyful steps into creative writing were at the age of ten, when the teacher read out her short story in class. A slapstick tale of two

Edwin Brightwater for "To Kill A Demon: A Novel"
Genre: Horror

Edwin Brightwater writes horror and suspense fiction that incorporates the unreal—gothic, dark urban fantasy, the paranormal and the magical, thrilling stories of things bizarre, grotesque, or utterly impossible. His work is crafted to excite, stir, and scare the reader. His books pull you out of

Kaitlin Curtice for "Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God"
Genre: Christian

Kaitlin B. Curtice is an award-winning author, poet-storyteller, and public speaker. As an enrolled citizen of the Potawatomi nation, she writes on the intersections of spirituality and identity and how that shifts throughout our lives. She also speaks on these topics to diverse audiences who are

Jae Glass for "Undergrounder"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

Hello all! I'm Jae, a 30-something writer of Fantasy and Urban Fantasy occupying space somewhere on the East Coast. As a queer woman, I've found myself growing more and more disenchanted and frustrated with the Fantasy genres, so I've set out to change the narrative and write the stories I

Mary Camarillo for "The Lockhart Women"
Genre: Women's Fiction

Mary Camarillo is the award winning author of The Lockhart Women, published in June of 2021 by She Writes Press. Her short fiction and poems have appeared in publications such as 166 Palms, The Ear and Lunch Ticket. She is currently working on a second novel about her neighborhood in Huntington

Junia Wonders for "Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?"
Genre: Childrens Picture Books

Junia Wonders is the author of the seasonal bestseller The Roll-Away Pumpkin, which has been translated into six languages. Five of her picture books, namely, The Roll-Away Pumpkin, Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe, The Night the Monsters Came, Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?, and I

Michael Pronko for "Tokyo Zangyo"
Genre: Mystery & Cozy Mystery

Michael Pronko is a Tokyo-based writer of murder, memoir and music. He’s published four novels in the Detective Hiroshi series, and three books of short writings about Tokyo life. Michael grew up in Kansas City, studied philosophy at Brown University, and then traveled for years, teaching in Beijing

Elise Fender for "The Last Text You Sent"
Genre: Young Adult

Elise has a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Miami, and a Masters of Education from Harvard University. Elise lives in Nashville with her husband, three small humans, and one small dog. She enjoys hot baths, cold margaritas, and good books. The Last Text You Sent is her debut novel.

Julia Tvardovskaya for "Identifiable"
Genre: Sci-Fi

Julia, or affectionately JT, is passionate about using storytelling in print, on the stage, and on the screen to facilitate impact. She believes that telling stories builds connections, grows empathy, and enables a level of understanding that stems from relationships with and investment in

Susan Mac Nicol for "Men of London Series - ten books"
Genre: Romance

Susan writes steamy, sexy and fun contemporary romance stories, some suspenseful, some gritty and dark and hopefully always entertaining. She loves going to the theatre, live music concerts (especially if it’s her man crush Adam Lambert ) the divine Cumberbatch, walks in the countryside, a good G

Alan Fleet for "See Bella"
Genre: Childrens Chapter Books

Alan travelled extensively in the international oil and gas industry as a marine geophysicist and it was during his time off that he first began writing novels for adults. Following the selection of his third novel, Woollyback, for a tutored adaptation for the silver screen, Alan went on to complete

Kitiera Morey for "Seeking Atonement "
Genre: Short Stories

Kitiera Morey is a lively perfectionist with the mouth of a drunken sailor. When she's not singing off-key for the entire world to hear or chasing after a chaos demon, Kitiera is indulging her Stardew Valley addiction. She lives in New York with her beautiful daughter, four cats and two dogs.

Tom Joyce for "The Missing Peace"
Genre: Action Adventure

Tom Joyce will neither confirm nor deny having any association with persons, living or dead, that have worked for intelligence gathering agencies, in the United States or abroad, in any capacity. He can, however, confirm that he has spent time in Northern Afghanistan and most of the other places

Tom Joyce for "The Missing Peace"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Tom Joyce will neither confirm nor deny having any association with persons, living or dead, that have worked for intelligence gathering agencies, in the United States or abroad, in any capacity. He can, however, confirm that he has spent time in Northern Afghanistan and most of the other places

Natalie Symons for "Lies in Bone"
Genre: Drama

Natalie Symons is an award-winning playwright and best-selling novelist. Her plays have been developed and produced at theatres across the county, including American Stage, freeFall Theatre, ACT Theatre, Theatre22, Urbanite Theatre, Aurora Theatre, Theater Schmeater, Florida Studio Theatre, Bridge

Tamra Ryan for "The Third Law"
Genre: Non-Fiction

Tamra Ryan is the CEO of Women's Bean Project, a social enterprise that provides transitional employment, while operating a food manufacturing business, to women attempting to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty. Tamra is a former partner and board member for Social Venture Partners

Angela Cecil Reid for "Nile Cat"
Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Books

Writing has always been an important part of Angela’s life. Over the years she has contributed to each of a series of successful collections of short stories set in and around Oxford. Since retiring as a teacher, Angela has been researching her Egyptologist ancestors, the Tyssen Amhersts of

Jennifer Farmer for "Blue Sky Gone"
Genre: Historical Fiction

J.S Farmer grew up in a small town in Connecticut. She studied criminology and psychology at Central Connecticut State University. After seven years as a police officer, she shifted her career into the private sector, working as a government security analyst for a defense contractor. During that

Jodie Smith for "Bayou Cresting: The Wanting Women of Huet Pointe"
Genre: Anthology & Compilations

Award-winning author and Mobile Literary Festival founder Jodie Cain Smith spent her childhood exploring the shores of Mobile Bay. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama and Northern Michigan University because earning a degree on both the southern and northern border happened by

Kaleb Thompson for "Peace in the Midst of the Storm (Inspirational Poetry Book)"
Genre: Poetry

My name is Kaleb Thompson and I am a dedicated and optimistic individual who enjoys living life to the fullest. Being a native of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I received my Bachelor's degree and Master's Degree from the illustrious Coastal Carolina University, majoring in hospitality and