2022 Book Adaptation Needed Longlist

Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2022 Book Adaptation Needed Longlist, shown in random order!

These writers are hoping to win a book adaptation to take their novel to a screenplay. Please join us in congratulating these writers by leaving them a comment at the bottom of their finalist submission. Click 'see more' to read their submission. And you can also congratulate the finalists in our forum.

Wherever you see duplicate faces, it's not a mistake, those writers are to be applauded for having more than one submission reach the finals!

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Arshad Ahsanuddin for "Zenith (The Interscission Project: Book 1)"
Genre: Action Adventure

I am a hematopathologist: a laboratory physician specializing in diagnosis of diseases affecting blood, bone marrow, and lymph nodes, such as leukemia and lymphoma. In my COPIOUS free time, I write LGBT SciFi/Fantasy novels. Yes, I realize the irony that I write about vampires.

P.J. Roscoe for "Between Worlds"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

P.J. Roscoe is the international award-winning author of historical, paranormal novels and the 'Adventures of Faerie folk' series for young children. Her latest award, January 2021, winning the best Women's Fiction at the Firebird Book Awards was yet another reason for readers to find her work and

Genre: Action Adventure

Jamie is an avid martial artist (MMA), the world's okayest bass player, and a licensed private investigator who resides in Los Angeles County, CA. She is the author of the 2x award-winning science fiction HALL OF SKULLS, and the critically-acclaimed paranormal suspense HIDDEN DOORS, SECRET ROOMS.

Genre: Historical Fiction

I read History at Birmingham University as a mature student in the 1980s. My career has included working for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, RCA Records European Office, a major recording artist's management company in Los Angeles, Q Prime Artist Management in London, Age Concern in Gateshead

Nicole Crowley for "Lila and her Demons"
Genre: Action Adventure

Nicole started her writing career in TV news, radio and print. In search of better endings, she switched to fiction writing. Her Pitch for 'Lila and Her Demons' is the Top #1 Logline/Synopsis of the Year. Her short story, 'The Decoy' is the Top #1 Short Story right now. Both projects have received

John Picciano for "The Brahmin Girl"
Genre: Action Adventure

I am a former FBI agent, retired trial attorney (2017), current jazz pianist ( now performing with a trio in several Long Island clubs) and ,in very recent years a published author. I was widowed suddenly in April 2015. I have three grown children and four young grandchildren. I have authored and

Danielle Singleton for "Do No Harm"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Danielle Singleton has been writing and telling stories her whole life. She finished her first novel, Safe & Sound, while attending Harvard Law School. After a busy career as a corporate attorney, Danielle is now a full-time writer. She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and has

PatriciaDonovanNZ DONOVAN for "The Madison Gap"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Patricia Donovan writes adult fiction and is the author of three novels. While they cross three genres – from the past to the future with a thriller in between – they share a common thread: a woman’s journey and her quest, in the face of obstacles, to find her strengths and happiness, and make her

Julia Tvardovskaya for "Identifiable"
Genre: Sci-Fi

Julia, or affectionately JT, is passionate about using storytelling in print, on the stage, and on the screen to facilitate impact. She believes that telling stories builds connections, grows empathy, and enables a level of understanding that stems from relationships with and investment in

Susan Almond for "Ladies in Red"
Genre: Women's Fiction

For my first book I've used the name Susan Almond, my maiden name, but as a writer I have had various incarnations. As Sue Marsh, my first married name, I was a commissioned writer for "Jackie" and "Patches" for a few years in the late 80's, also having short pieces - fiction and nonfiction -

Helena P. Schrader for "Lack of Moral Fibre"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Helena P. Schrader is an established aviation author and expert on the Second World War. She earned a PhD in History (cum Laude) from the University of Hamburg with a ground-breaking dissertation on a leading member of the German Resistance to Hitler, which received widespread praise on publication

Kay C Beerman for "Twilight Starlight World Alight"
Genre: Romance

Kay C. Beerman is an award-winning author of Romantic Mystery/Suspense. She has worked in Medicine and Foreign Affairs. Her stories are mostly about detectives, agents and medical examiners based upon her education and experiences. The series The Bay Area Blues is about people dedicated to protect

Tammy Pemper for "Scorched Earth: Peacekeeping in Timor during a campaign of death and destruction"
Genre: Memoir

Australian-born author, Tammy has spent the majority of the last two decades volunteering and working in Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. She’s been a writer, capacity developer, trainer, and program manager. She’s also worked with the UN, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Jodie Smith for "Bayou Cresting: The Wanting Women of Huet Pointe"
Genre: Anthology & Compilations

Award-winning author and Mobile Literary Festival founder Jodie Cain Smith spent her childhood exploring the shores of Mobile Bay. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama and Northern Michigan University because earning a degree on both the southern and northern border happened by

Jodie Smith for "The Woods at Barlow Bend"
Genre: Drama

Award-winning author and Mobile Literary Festival founder Jodie Cain Smith spent her childhood exploring the shores of Mobile Bay. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama and Northern Michigan University because earning a degree on both the southern and northern border happened by

Joseph Byrd for "Monet & Oscar: The Essence of Light"
Genre: Historical Fiction

My BS in Journalism and MA in Communications degrees inspired me to become a pioneer in electronic publishing. As a McGraw-Hill editor, I developed one of the first computer publishing systems. In the rapidly developing PC software industry, I co-authored one of his two books using PC desktop

Michele E. Gwynn for "The Making of Herman Faust"
Genre: Crime

Michele E. Gwynn is an award-winning Bestselling Author and former freelance journalist from San Antonio, Texas. She has worked in newspaper and contributed online to sites like Examiner.com, Yahoo Voices, and Salon.com. She has also worked as a senior editor for FashionErotica.com, written for Film

Jennifer Rose Asher Asher for "Journey to my Daughter"
Genre: Memoir

Jennifer Rose Asher has a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from The Adler School of Professional Psychology. She has worked in the adoption field, both as a birthmother counselor and as a consultant for adoptive

Stephanie Dawn… Hrehirchuk for "Full Circle: The love of a lifetime"
Genre: Romance

Stephanie Hrehirchuk is the author of 30 books across multiple genres, including the multi award-winning memoir An Accidental Awakening: It’s not about yoga; It’s about family, and the Anna series of children’s books. A spinal injury pushed the Canadian mom of two out of her career in personal

Anise Eden for "Dead Sound"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

ANISE EDEN is a former psychotherapist who writes suspense novels with thriller, romance, and paranormal elements. Originally from the US, Anise now lives in Ireland. Member of ITW, RNA, and the Irish Writers Centre. Learn more about Anise and her books at AniseEden.com.

Lara Byrne for "The Road to Canossa"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Lara is a a part-time marketing manager, with a PhD in 20th-century literature and a passion for medieval history. She left a corporate career to fulfill a childhood dream: turning some of the great events and characters of medieval European history into the subject matter of contemporary stories

Sylvia Bluck for "The Ministry of Time Travel"
Genre: Historical Fiction

I've been writing fiction for five years and I've just finished my first novel which began as a story told around a campfire, imagining walking into the woods and out into a different time. What might happen? Who would you meet? What would you do? At first, it was an an exciting story to tell the

Justine Gilbert for "Daisy Chain"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Justine Gilbert's debut novel, Daisy Chain was published in March 2023 by Claret Press, historical fiction about the women who surrounded Roosevelt's presidency. Daisy Chain has been shortlisted for the Paul Torday Memorial Award 2024. Born in New York, Justine has lived in America and Italy, but

Sharon Bazant for "Geckos & Guns: The Pakistan Years"
Genre: Memoir

Sharon Bazant is a retired teacher living in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, Canada. Geckos & Guns: The Pakistan Years is her second memoir. Sharon has donned a variety of personal and professional hats as a seasoned world traveller and long-term expatriate. Some of her greatest adventures

Maria C. Palmer and Ruthie Robbins for "On the Rocks"
Genre: Non-Fiction

Maria Costanzo Palmer was named as one of L.A. Weekly’s “Top 15 Rising Authors to Watch in 2023.” Her debut book was mentioned in Forbes Magazine in December 2023 as a must-have for the “Entrepreneurial-Spirited People on Your Holiday List.” On the Rocks has won many awards including being named the

Jayne Doxtater for "The Box in the Closet"
Genre: LGBT

Jayne Doxtater was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently resides in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. A business owner and esthetician of 40 years, she is now semi-retired and loves spending time outdoors. A self-proclaimed tree hugger and chocolate lover, Jayne is