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Raymond Paul Johnson for "The Raven Society: Conspiracy Ignited"

Like the protagonist of my debut novel, I’m a trial attorney and former CIA combat pilot. I’m also principal co-author of Defective Product: Evidence to Verdict, Juris Publishing/New York, and author of over 50 law-related magazine articles. Additionally, I’ve served as legal consultant to the Los

Susan Grillo for "Secrets Best Hidden"

I write in a variety of genres: Women’s Fiction, Mysteries/Thrillers, Romantic Suspense, and Historical Time Travel. As a native of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs, all my books occur in Pennsylvania. Regardless of the genre, suspenseful and mysterious elements are captured in every book. All

Scott Corey Corey for "Lorelei the Fate Shifter"

Scott Corey’s interest in international events and love of travel has prompted him to live in West Africa, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. He has worked as a teacher, reporter, editor, public relations specialist, and feature writer for the Kansas City Star. He has ridden a camel along the

Karen Wallace for "Productive Bliss"

I was born in Bristol, grew up in South Gloucestershire, and live in London. I studied at the University of Warwick and UCL and worked as a librarian for several years. I'm currently a student on the Faber Academy Writing a Novel course.

Celia Quartermain for "Collateral Damage"

I was born in Berlin, and grew up in the Army, moving from place to place. All of the work I've done in my adult life has been in the worlds of media/entertainment/storytelling. I started in the office of the Anna Scher Children’s Theatre in Islington in the early 1980s’, leaving to move to a small

Laura Beeby for "Veronica Perfect"

I'm a Canadian-Dutch writer temporarily living in Canada as a caregiver for my elderly father, but my permanent home is in Rotterdam with my Dutch musician husband whom I met in a music forum for fans of the Hollies. My background is in advertising copywriting and, along with my English and History


Shelly Steig has more than two decades experience which includes five novelty science books for children, four books for adults, and more than 350 articles in national and regional magazines. On the editing side, she’s worked as a copy editor for a children’s publishing company, as well as an on

William Doetsch Doetsch for "The End of All Things"

William Doetsch has spent his entire life in Michigan, but with the help of books he has traveled the world and beyond. He can usually be found in Grand Rapids, where he keeps a sharp eye out for dinosaurs and dragons, so far with no luck. When he’s not reading, daydreaming, or making friends with

John Kitchen for "Mine-Shift"

Biography John Kitchen was born and grew up in Cornwall. He graduated from London University, where he was awarded a distinction for creative writing as part of his English degree. He taught in Cornwall, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire, writing plays and musicals for the children to perform. John

John Kitchen for "You Can't do that here, Horatius Scapula"

Biography John Kitchen was born and grew up in Cornwall. He graduated from London University, where he was awarded a distinction for creative writing as part of his English degree. He taught in Cornwall, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire, writing plays and musicals for the children to perform. John

Donna Conrad Conrad for "The Last Magdalene"

Donna Conrad is an award-winning author, journalist, activist, and teacher whose core values revolve around individual empowerment. Her first published work, House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties, has received critical acclaim. Upcoming books include historical novels about the lives and

Sophie Neville for "The Man Who Got Out Of Japan"

After gaining a degree in Anthropology, Sophie went into television production, directing her first documentary for Channel 4 when driving from London to Johannesburg. Having produced an Inset series for BBC Education, she set up a Blue Peter exploration of South Africa and worked freelance for the

Melina Mondradi for "Wine Defined—A Small Format, Quick Read"

Hi there! My name is Melina Mondradi, I'm 26 years young, and I've written three books, the second of which has been published. My first two books are autobiographies that I ghost wrote on behalf of corporate clients. My third book is my pride and joy, as I have both written and authored it. This

Paula Sewell for "The Whitechapel Club"

I'm an award-winning screenwriter with an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. I've written my first novel entitled THE WHITECHAPEL CLUB. I'm a member of Sisters in Crime and MWA. Originally from Denver, I lived most of my life in Los Angeles and have recently moved from Toronto, Ontario, to Atlanta, GA


I read History at Birmingham University as a mature student in the 1980s. My career has included working for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, RCA Records European Office, a major recording artist's management company in Los Angeles, Q Prime Artist Management in London, Age Concern in Gateshead

Tony Durrant for "Veldt Hunter"

Tony Durrant is a former national newspaper journalist. He has an MA in Creative Writing and was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Award 2020. Tony grew up on industrial Tyneside, which he escaped regularly to explore the wilds of Northumberland. In the further pursuit of excitement

Philip John for "Memoirs of a Gambler"

A Welsh poet and writer from the Rhondda Valleys, Philip John graduated from the University of South Wales in 2014 before working and living across the border in Bristol. He has since returned to Wales and now resides in Monmouthshire. Philip has published three volumes of poetry – Home Truths (2018

L. S. Mackie for "Crossing to Jordan"

Laurie Mackie is an emerging writer and artist who resides in Kamloops, British Columbia. She is a graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Bachelor of Arts Creative Writing program. Her favoured topics focus on social and women's issues in the genres of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Laurie

Julie Weary for "Hereafter"

My work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, Writer’s Digest and Family Circle. A Pushcart Prize nominee, I won the Grand Prize in the annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition and received a Finalist Award in Prose from the Illinois Arts Council. I graduated with a

KaraStefan Stefan for "The Journalists"

I have been a freelance writer since 1997. My professional career includes working as a marketing copywriter, journalist, feature columnist, ghostwriter, and non-fiction author (Head of Household: Money Management for Single Parents; ABC CLIO/Praeger; 2009). I grew up in Georgia and South Carolina

Erin Swann for "Awakener"

Erin Swann is a lifelong lover of fantasy and space adventures. She holds an MFA in Education and works as an art teacher, feeding the imaginations of others while fueling her own creativity. When she’s not teaching or writing, Erin enjoys cooking, working on her own art, and playing video games

Alan J. Peterson for "The Boy Who Forgot How to Flinch"

I grew up on a council estate and enjoyed the same parental neglect as everyone around me. This was fine for the most part, but my big brother was effectively my guardian, which was rubbish, because he was a highly manipulative narcissist, hated me, and became a heroin addict when I was thirteen

Victoria Osborne for "Heartwood"

My writing has been performed on stage and screen. I’ve worked in tv script departments as storyliner, script editor, and writer. My Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing led to two novels on Amazon, one of which was Commended in the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for an Unpublished

Letha McClelland for "THE EMBODIMENT OF EMMA"

I'm a member of the Writers’ League of Texas and RWA who's been mentored by a NY Times bestselling author for many years. I am a Flight Attendant by day and writer by night, where I get to create lives full of thrills, mystery and adventure. In addition, I have years of experience as a copyeditor

Dayna Ault for "Who Made This Mess?"

Dayna Ault began writing at an early age. She landed the Editor-in-Chief position of her school/community newspaper at age 15, serving until she received her diploma in 1980. She went on to freelance for religious and parenting magazines, as she raised and homeschooled her growing family. After the

Leslie Liautaud for "BUTTERFLY PINNED"

Leslie Liautaud is an American playwright and novelist. Her award winning immersive play, SOUTHERN GOTHIC (2018), premiered at Windy City Playhouse in Chicago, IL. Her plays MIDNIGHT WALTZES (2006), HE IS US (2008), THE WRECK (2009), THE MANSION (2012) and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: THE MILLENNIAL

Nick Black for "The Honourable Doctor"

I am professor of health services research at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine where I have spent the last 35 years studying and teaching about health care policy, evaluation of services and how to improve them. I have extensive experience of writing non-fiction - research papers

Reid Linney for "Pyrate Crossover"

Silicon Valley Executive-at-Large. Private Investor. Novelist. Constant Learner. From nothing to 2021 Page Turner Awards Finalist; to #1 New Release on Amazon. I blame it on my grandson. I’ve always had a passion for taking a wordless page and creating something interesting. And dreamt of writing a

Gail Aldwin for "The Girl and the Tutor"

Novelist, poet and scriptwriter, Gail Aldwin writes for pleasure and publication. Her debut coming-of-age novel The String Games was a finalist in The People’s Book Prize and the Dorchester Literary Festival Writing Prize 2020. Awarded a PhD in 2018, Gail has worked with undergraduates of creative

Peter Fothergill for "The Boat Equation"

Peter Fothergill grew up in the far north of England. His early story-telling passion was fulfilled by designing and coding video games and composing and recording music. Writing was the next logical step. He studied computer science at university and has worked as a software engineer in London ever


I wasn’t prepared for the powerful characters of this novel to come marching out of my head and dictate their lives. I credit my beginnings in writing to my eleventh grade English teacher, who made us write spontaneous stories in class. My career in the arts started in Japan when my teacher, a

Trisha Larson Harmon for "Somewhere Between Dandelions"

I obtained my BA and MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry, but somehow always planned to write fiction and am currently writing YA. I'm a certified Spiritual Life Coach and plan to write a personal development book. When I'm not working my day job, you can find me writing, reading, and