Maria de Luca

I’m a writer in search of an audience. Looking for an agent, a publisher. Oh, and a film producer too. That’d be nice.

My flash fiction story, BE WITH YOU AGAIN, was a finalist at the West Atlantic Writing Awards in summer 2021. My screenplay, WOODEN HEART, was a finalist at the London International Screenwriting Festival, November 2021. A short film, SMART TV, from a screenplay of mine, was selected for the 2014 Raindance Film Festival.

I work backstage in theatre as a Deputy Stage Manager, and in live events as a show caller. I love my job, but I love writing even more.

Award Category
Screenplay Award Category
A Victorian girl becomes an early motion picture pioneer. Haunted by fires both accidental and deliberate, spurred on by professional betrayals and fleeing an infatuation that leads to heartbreak, Izzy Bailey’s ambition and flair for comedy propel her west to a small town called Hollywood.
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