Andrew Hussey

Andy is the founder of Muddy Little Boots Publishing and is author of two children's paperback books currently. A graphic designer by trade, he decided to create Muddy Little Boots publishing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (2020) as a means of creating something positive from this distressing time. He has a passion for collaborating with like-minded creative individuals and a desire to promote exploration of open spaces and nature. He’s also a big believer in having fun - if its not fun, he’s not interested. In many respects he’s a big kid at heart!

Andy is the author of "There’s No Deer Around Here" (a book about spotting signs of deer when out and about), his debut book, and "Any Trout About?" (a riverside adventure).

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Andy Hussey Thu, 27/07/2023 - 11:21

In reply to by Jennifer Rarden

Thank you Jennifer. This book has really had impact of late due to recent campaigning and the state of British rivers. Sadly waters are becoming polluted due to agriculture and water companies discharging raw sewage. We see the book as a "positive celebration of the British riverbank" and encourage all to get out and exploring in a safe manner. This habitat is so precious and we need to protect it. We never set out for the book to have impact in this way but we are absolutely behind the cause and have been teaming up with lots of charities. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Did you listen to the audio book as well? We think its a lovely addition :)

Asal Shirazi Bem Sun, 27/08/2023 - 11:58

Even I started wondering where the trout was? And had me spell bound! Thoroughly enjoyed and no doubt children will too!

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