Black Queens

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Enjoy the elegance and beauty of twenty five original black queens! Colorful illustrations presented with different dresses, hairstyles, makeup, crowns, and a description of each queen.
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You are a beautiful, empowering, inspiring, and mesmerizing black woman that walks upon this earth. With your head held high and dreams set, there is nothing in this world that you can’t accomplish. Your alluring beauty knows no bounds, as you will always have an audience around you. No matter what anyone says, remember that you will always have flawless skin and features that are so unique that this world can’t comprehend.

Queen Rouge: Calm and collective, Queen Rouge takes everything with ease and caution. Her greatest power is the amount of self-control and self-esteem she has in herself and with any situation she may encounter. A very serene ruler, Queen Rouge enjoys having peace and tranquility around her atmosphere at all times. Whenever you are around her, you’ll always feel safe.

Queen Red: A passionate fashion designer by heart, Queen Red loves to design and try on any new clothes and styles she can get her hands on. Preferring to be in the spotlight at all times, she can be overdramatic but confident, causing an audience’s attention to always surround her. A very vibrant and straightforward leader, Queen Red is unapologetic with her opinion causing many to respect her for her honest and true nature.

Queen Katherine: An optimistic ruler, Queen Katherine always dresses to impress and shows off her lively nature. She is very social and friendly, enjoying a lot of her time with her friends and at parties. She is a complete joy to be around, and a leader you can always count on to have fun with.

Queen Marigold: Adorable like the flower she is named after, Queen Marigold’s genuine happiness will always attract you to be around her. Her greatest power is her self-esteem and being comfortable in her own skin. She’s an inspiration to many young leaders to love yourself and be cheerful no matter what environment you’re in. On her free time Queen Marigold loves to go outside and pick flowers for her friends and family.

Queen Empathy: Having a heart of gold, Queen Empathy is a very compassionate and caring leader. If you ever need a true friend, Queen Empathy will always be there to comfort you. She is loyal to a fault, and has the power to attract people due to her sweet demeanor. Because of her kind-hearted and down-to-earth nature, Queen Empathy always gleams magically like a rainbow.

Queen Onora: Golden and honorable by nature, Queen Onora is one of the most lovable rulers of her time. A very happy and optimistic leader, she always looks for the good in anyone or anything. Her greatest strength is her positivity, being able to easily encourage anyone to chase their dreams and be the best individual they can be. Having an enchanting demeanor and pure smile that can light up any room, Queen Onora is always able to capture someone’s heart.

Queen Panthera: A formidable force to be reckoned with, Queen Panthera always standouts with her loyal pet Paloma, by her side. A striking beauty with a loving spirit, Queen Panthera takes everything with caution and care. Very clever and strategic with her leadership, you can always count on Queen Panthera to guide you on the right path.

Queen Elaina: An elegant and wise leader, Queen Elaina shines bright like a light. Any advice you ever need, you can turn to Queen Elaina for the answer. She takes pride in being a noble monarch and helpful mother figure for those around her.

Queen Cassandra: A leader who likes to rest and relax, Queen Cassandra prefers to go with the flow in any situation she’s in. A very wholesome and laid-back person, she enjoys the simple things in life and takes everything with ease. She’s very calm, reassured, and sees the positive outcome for herself every time.