Matthew Corry

Having grown up as the son of an English teacher, I'm no stranger to writing. I was in nine car crashes before I was fifteen, and after some serious injuries ended up quite secluded, and reading was, predictably, one of my favourite escapes - no doubt the influence of my mother. Having since taken a degree in the subject, become an award nominated lyricist and vocalist (notably singing in the bands 'Fellowship' and 'Emperor Norton'), and headed up the content team for the fastest growing helth and fitness startup in history, I've put my love of words and my writing abilities to good use. That said, until a few years ago I never really chased that original passion of mine in its purest form, and eventually the nagging desire to write something truly my own caught up with me. So came 'Book', a novel about those self-same nagging feelings that make people like me devote years of their life to writing something that might change people's lives - and, in the end, prove that the act of writing was worth it, for writing's own sake.

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