Emma Carter

Emma was born in a small town in South Wales and now lives in Derbyshire with her two children, a cat who likes nothing more than jumping on her laptop when she is working, and her scruffy but adorable dog who melts everyone’s heart.

Emma has always been passionate about helping others, which led her into a career in healthcare. Continuously searching for solutions to help her daughter, she has completed several courses and gained a better understanding of mental health illnesses and eating disorders. This ignited a fire in her belly to make a difference and she is now a trained emotional coach and therapist.

By listening to other parents and carers, Emma saw a need to share her story. Writing this book has been a cathartic way to help her deal with her daughter developing anorexia and she hopes that it will offer support to others on the same path.

Emma admits to being a fan of Welsh rugby and loves watching matches with her family, particularly if they win. When she is not writing or supporting her daughter, she enjoys spending time outdoors, walking her dog and taking photographs.

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