The Big Buna Bash

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"The Big Buna Bash" is a multicultural children's book that says, "Don't be afraid to be who you are! Being different can be difficult sometimes, but maybe the very thing that you are embarassed about is what makes you unique and interesting to others!"


Charlotte Valentine Wed, 16/08/2023 - 13:10

I so enjoyed this! Lovely story, perfect illustrations. A cute way to celebrate difference and I now want a Buna Party invite!!

Asal Shirazi Bem Sun, 27/08/2023 - 11:56

I liked this book as its educational for kids, teaching about differences. Nicely presented and fun.

Stuart Wakefield Thu, 31/08/2023 - 14:42

I loved the cultural significance of the buna party. It was described in a way that was both vivid and informative. You did a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the event and giving me a window into a cultural tradition. Your use of language was also very effective, smoothly transition between English and native language. Furthermore, the ending also tied the story together nicely and provided a satisfying conclusion.

Jennifer Bisbing Tue, 12/09/2023 - 02:00

I loved learning about this Ethiopian way of approaching coffee. What a great tradition to bring into sharing coffee with guests. A life lesson not just for kids, for sure. Kids can be so cruel, but I love how it all shifted with the buna party. What a great lesson of acceptance.

Pramudith Rupasinghe Wed, 13/09/2023 - 09:39

Though it is a children's book, The Big Buna Bush is a piece of cross-cultural literature. Well presented in a way that children could absorb complex concepts such as diversity, the book is fun to read.

Nadine Matheson Wed, 13/09/2023 - 19:13

I thought that this was fantastic. It was both educational and emotive. This book did a great job of taking the reader on a journey and teaching the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

Tirza Wed, 27/09/2023 - 20:11

LOL I haven't been able to log into my account, so this is the first time I've seen all these encouraging comments ! Thank you SO much.....each one of you.