Sugandha Sinha

Sugandha Sinha, a bull-headed optimist, wool-gatherer, and a Bollywood zealot was born and raised in India, is a master’s in biotechnology, and prefers morbific viruses over a person any day. Now her life revolves around her wiseacre husband and two impish Irish twins. She prefers to write until stupid o’clock and in between, she manages to keep herself out of a jam and cook mutton curries and poetries. When she is not writing, playing the clown, or spewing her exasperation, she is found either meditating to bring repose to her overstimulating and grueling life, harkening to a podcast, raking in the garden or anthropomorphizing and painting her next beach vacation. For every pig in the barn, she is no charlotte, she is just a hysterical account of the cheery ardent girl sitting next to you.

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