Lauren Cribb Peacock ~ Screenplay Award Judge

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Lauren Cribb Peacock is a film producer/writer looking for interesting film script projects

Lauren Cribb Peacock is a film producer/writer looking for interesting film script projects and is judging the Page Turner Screenplay Award. Lauren has worked as a Producer in the entertainment industry for a decade and has collaborated with such clients as Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Lindsey Vonn, and Emmy-winning director Reed Morano.

Lauren has had films compete in festivals Sundance, Seattle International and Sunscreen. She had also had films land distribution deals with Netflix and Amazon.
She received a BA in communications–media production from Flagler College in Florida. With a background in theatre, she has always gravitated to channels for creating and sharing stories. She believes humour cures most things as well as a good glass of rosé!

She is a #1 Amazon author for "Female. Likes Cheese. Comes with Dog: Stories about Divorce, Dating & Saying I Do" and has been featured on NBC, FOX, ABC, as well as other media outlets.

She co-created TV series "Atlanta's a Drag" with fellow Producer Andrew McDonald. You can find rom-com "Lady-Like" on Netflix. Lauren thrives on logistics and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment. She's worked as a Producer, Line Producer and Production Manager and understands different budgets. She is very savvy with the film-festival circuit.

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aldona Sun, 11/12/2022 - 20:03

A story of struggle, family, and true love

The harsh period of modern history changed the way of life for many people. For Asta, a beautiful and charming girl from Lithuania, it was a period of longing, learning, and love. As a young mother struggling to make ends meet in a broken marriage, she did what she had to do to provide: she left the country of her birth to seek out a better life and provide for her family. For fires, a Christian, born into conflict in Iraq, being forced to flee persecution meant uncertainty and strife. Together with his sister, they left the only home they ever knew; they were now refugees, in search of acceptance. Fate has a funny way of accomplishing the unlikely, especially when the path is unknown. For Asta and Firaz, the paths they have chosen to lead them to find their fate, and ultimately to find their love.

The book

the screenplay