Danielle Evans

Born in Birmingham, AL but raised in the DC area, today Chicago is the great city I call home. From the moment I received my first red circled "A" in grade school for a short story about a day at the beach, I knew I was a writer! However, I grew up in a family where writing was not seen as a viable career and those who pursued creativity were doomed to become starving artists. While I liked to write, I loved to eat. So, it was no surprise when I decided that business school was the way to go and off to the University of Maryland I went. Two degrees, a failed business, a few novels, and an extensive corporate career later, I still need to write.

My favorite genres are Psychological Thriller, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. I'm most interested in telling stories that highlight the complexity of the human mind and life's unpredictable journey. The dark undertones and character depth found in my writing style create an authentic voice. Fearless inclusion is often the missing link that drives connection in today's stories and I seek to fill that void in the writing room.

Award Category
Screenplay Award Category
In a post-apocalyptic world, competing survival instincts create the perfect race against time to save earth from looming extinction. The tides are turned when a stranger shows up to offer an alternate course.
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Sean Dubravac Sat, 15/10/2022 - 18:36

A fast-paced, captivating opening, clear scene descriptions, original and practical writing style. A few typos and formatting errors. Shows great potential.