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A disillusioned father and his teenage daughter grapple with
the consequences of having their memories erased and replaced with fake ones, a process called "forging,"
in an unsuccessful attempt to heal long-standing dysfunctional family dynamics.
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16 year-old AMY FOSTER begins to question how well forging works when, during a funeral for the family cat, her father, DAN FOSTER, trips up giving a eulogy. She recalls the domestic dispute that led to her dad’s forging six years earlier. It was her 10th birthday and Dan went out to get the cake and didn’t return until much later—drunk. Amy then hears her father brutalize and beat LISA FOSTER, her caring but difficult mother.

When the cops show up, her mother gets taken away in an ambulance. Amy is told by someone called a “Forging Coordinator,” aka. DR. RAY, that Dan’s memory would be wiped in a secret, experimental procedure for her safety.

GRANDMA IRMA, a difficult woman, comes to visit—constantly antagonizing Dan, her son. Lisa insists that forging is permanent but Amy is concerned her father's behavior will regress.

When Amy and Dan go for a run, a dog attacks her. This triggers Dan into an intense regression as he overkills the animal—triggering PTSD for them both.

After the incident, Amy avoids her father as much as possible, tagging along with Lisa on a visit to Grandma’s new senior citizen’s home and burying herself in her school work.

Eventually, Amy lowers her guard. Home alone one night in a darkened house, she ultimately mistakes her father for an intruder and beats him with a baseball bat. Erupting in a fit of rage, he chases and corners her in her bedroom. He almost succeeds in killing her—but she kills him in self-defense instead!

Once Amy is released from rehab for her injuries, Lisa moves her and her little sister EDITH to a new state for a fresh start.

While out on a night run, Amy is shocked to get a visit from an old school friend DAMIAN who insists that he’s been forged—and she has been, too. In total denial, Amy doesn’t want to hear it and runs away from the eerie confrontation.As Amy runs back to the house, she fails to notice a parked car across the street where someone sits watching her from the shadows.

It appears that Dan—is alive after all.

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