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In His Will (Drama, Screenplay Award 2023)
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Logline or Premise
Three friends throw away more than old furniture in their house, but also the chance of winning 100 thousand pounds. The group, determined to get back the money, travel up country in a beaten up 3-door car unaware of what the journey holds for each of them. 
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Daniel, Alex and Naomi are on their way home from a night out when they get McDonalds. McDonalds Monopoly is onand Alex conveniently has a sticker for a medium fries which he cashes in while Naomi sneaks off home with a guy she met that night. The next morning Alex and Daniel clear out old furniture including a chest of drawers which they give to a Geordie guy for a town auction. To their surprise Naomi had won the Mayfair sticker with her McDonalds (giving them the top prize of £100,000) and hid it in the chest of drawers while she was with her one night stand, which didn’t go as planned. They find out when the auction is and decide to travel up together in Daniels beaten up 3-door car. The day comes and are already set back when they need to pull over for an ill Naomi when they are joined by Daniels younger brother Rhys, who needs money for rent as a result of their parents addiction, and their dog Benji. A lay over at a diner leads to another late night visitor for Naomi before an awkward car drive with the man in question the next morning. Unfortunately, Daniels petrol gauge doesn’t work and the group are stranded needing petrol, which Naomi is happy enough to walk and get while getting some fresh air. At the petrol station she also picks up a pregnancy test as she hasn’t been feeling well and does it at the toilet in the petrol station. While she was gone an argument breaks out between Rhys and Daniel when lawyer-in-training suspects, and is correct that, his younger brother is a drug dealer. The argument ends up with a trip to hospital as a result of Daniel tripping on his untied shoelace. While Daniel is being seen by doctors, Naomi slinks off with a “pregnancy options” leaflet in her back pocket. She fills in and signs forms for an abortion consultancy and has the appointment where she finds out she is 12 weeks pregnant. As she exits the consultancy, she finds Alex in the waiting room who greets her with a tight hug and reassuring words. As they return, they see that the brothers have made up and quickly realise they are going to miss the auction. Alex, who can only drive automatics, is forced to drive Daniels car against the time faced with the contradicting directions from Noami and Daniel and his controlling girlfriend questioning him on his whereabouts. They arrive at the auction five minutes late with the chest of drawers on stage already and a less than helpful official. Taking matters into his own hands Rhys decides to run onto the stage but is swiftly tackled down. The group, back in the car still with no chest of drawers, drive back home joking.

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