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Team Bella and the Mystery of the Lost River (Childrens Chapter Books, Book Award 2023)
Astrals (Paranormal & Supernatural, Screenplay Award 2023)
Woollyback (Drama, Screenplay Award 2023)
Crow Fair (Horror, Screenplay Award 2023)
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Golden Writer
Logline or Premise
Jacob has waited 80 years for his childhood friend, Richard, to return to Overdene and this time he will make sure he never leaves again.
First 10 Pages

Recently widowed, Richard, upon the insistence of his family and against his wishes, has been placed in a retirement home. His son, Kenneth, believes he has found the perfect place in Overdene, a part-renovated gothic mansion that was once Richard’s childhood home, a place where memories will be stirred and help to delay Richard’s mental decline. What Kenneth could not be aware of is that Overdene is a house of many secrets and the malevolent spirit of Jacob has been waiting eighty years for Richard to return.

The haunting of Richard begins immediately, bringing back the vivid recollection of why the family fled the house when he was five years old. Unable to convince his son or the manager of Overdene of the danger he is in, Richard escapes, only to be quickly found and returned. The haunting continues until Richard relents and goes one last time to the roof with Jacob, the place where he hopes his torment will end with one small step.

Following Richard’s death, Overdene is closed as a retirement home and becomes a private mansion once again. Prospective buyers perhaps would not be so keen to move in if they knew two little boys were watching them from the rooftop.