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The Devils' Cradle (Suspense & Thriller, Screenplay Award 2023)
The Devils' Cradle (Suspense & Thriller, Book Award 2023)
Deceit (Drama, Screenplay Award 2023)
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Egotistical actress ANTHEA CANE returns to her home town to research a role as a farmer’s wife. The handsome farmer she encounters is her childhood crush, a blind but fiercely independent man who teaches her what really matters in life.
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ANTHEA CANE is on a role starring in a block buster action adventure: “A Kick to the Head” (the sequel to “A Kick to the Heart”)! Despite her success, Anthea is a self-indulgent spender who is overdrawn at the bank and in dire need of a serious role to kick-start a serious acting career.

Anthea finds the role of her dreams in “The Farmer’s Wife” – her late mother’s favorite book which seems to be just the ticket to financial salvation and the professional respect she craves.

Anthea decides to accept an invitation from her small town to appear at a benefit. While there, she plans to research the life of a farmer’s wife by staying with a local farmer.

The farmer she chooses, plantation farmer COLE DANIEL, is quite a surprise. Not only is he her childhood crush but he is now blind, the result of a psychological trauma. And he’s not at all happy to have Anthea as his guest!

Despite a very bumpy start, in which Anthea wreaks havoc on the tree farm, the spoiled actress gradually comes to love the rural life. To her surprise, Anthea also comes to love Cole, the man who helps her realize what truly matters in life.

In a joyous conclusion, Anthea not only wins the starring role in “The Farmer’s Wife;” but may very well win that part in real life. The life affirming and surprising conclusion finds Cole regaining his sight, having been as influenced by Anthea as she has been by him.

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