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A developing psychic hunts a pedophile with the ability to astral project, entering dreams and corrupting memories to select their next victim.
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1986 - A manhunt has led DOCTOR BETHANY LOMAX and INSPECTOR HUNTER ROANOKE to the Ottawa fairground. When pursuing a serial killer, she falls and suffers a nosebleed. The pooling blood acts as a gateway as LOMAX falls through the ground into visions of her developing psychometry ability.

With the serial killer arrested LOMAX tells ROANOKE that she wants to return to Quebec to help catch the ST. LAWRENCE RIVER STRANGLER (a child serial killer who has been active throughout Quebec for 15 years). ROANOKE tries to persuade her otherwise.

Months later (Quebec City) CHIEF SUPERINTENDANT JEAN-PHILLIPE DUPONT sends a deceitful offer to LOMAX to work on the case. Dupont plans to use her to motivate his group of failing cadets.

LOMAX arrives in Quebec City and quickly establishes herself as highly knowledgeable and a true asset to DUPONT and the cadets. After a brief presentation, the group is called to the scene of the latest murder, having been discovered only hours prior. They travel to JACQUES CARTIER NATIONAL PARK. At the scene LOMAX witnesses visions of her traumatic past.

It does not take long for LOMAX to help find the identity of the victim and work out the truth behind Dupont’s offer. There is a brief confrontation before a level of trust is established between the two.

LOMAX gets to the victim’s home, where her memories bleed into reality. She sees her younger self and sister playing in the garden.

Across the city, walking home with her sister, ZOE is sent to buy candy and some cigarettes from a corner store. Heading down a dark alley, a shadowy man scares ZOE. She escapes into the store, where she runs into ADELAIDE SINCLAIR (THE STRANGLER). After some brief grooming, ADELAIDE abducts ZOE out the back of the store.

LOMAX vomits, and her body is shaken and bruised like she can feel the pain of ZOE but does not fully understand what is happening to her.

Back at the police station LOMAX delivers a talk on the Strangler to the cadets which is followed by a fitness session. LOMAX passes out before starting. After she gathers her bearings, she tries to call her father, but when he answers, he is distant and difficult. He hangs up without a word when LOMAX tells him what she is doing.

That night in ADELAIDE’S apartment, we witness her psychic powers. When she takes heroin, her head explodes into an astral form and enters the void. There she plunders dreams and memories, selecting her next victim. She finds a dream of LOMAX, who stands watching her younger self and sister play in the woods.

In the morning, LOMAX leaves the hotel only to be confronted by ROANOKE, who begs her to quit and come home. But Lomax won’t listen. She returns to the police station and tells DUPONT about ZOE. LOMAX believes that ZOE will be found at the park.

They travel to the crime scene and quickly find ZOE’S remains. Lomax watches the shapes of a police officer holding the body shift into a memory of herself holding her dying sister.