The Murder Template

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For the perfect murder, just add water.

A psychotic mastermind is bringing justice back to the people by selecting people who are being wronged, and providing them with the templates and toolkits to get away with murder. Officer Alex Dunleavey and his team attempt to stop them.
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'The Murder Template' is a police procedural crime-drama, where each episode we follow a new recruit of this invisible mastermind, 'The Architect' as they are given the choice of taking ultimate vengeance against their aggressor, and the turmoil of making such a decision; all while following the series arc of the team of Police that are trying to solve catch the mastermind.

Episode one introduces the team of Police: Alex Dunleavey, Donovan Goldberg, Dawud Barqi, Jennifer Polowski, and Kali Okafur, they are to be the face of the team leading the investigation over the slew of murders, and joke to themselves that they have been selected due to their diverse background. Dawud is particularly distant, as he is the Brother of a notorious serial killer who has been jailed, and often visits him to try and get some insight into the mind of a killer, as much as he can stand being around him. In the meantime, a package is discovered in Agathas room in her Retirement Community, giving exact instructions how to pull of the murder of the Home Supervisor, Beverley, who is wicked and cruel to the inhabitants.

The series plays around with the idea of morality, and pack mentality. It makes the audience question whether they would take the opportunity if they were offered, and makes you wonder if 'The Architect' character is truly evil, since they have committed no violence themselves, only developed the tools to show others how to. Like most Police procedurals, this deals with the crime of the week, but the over arching story of the team closing in on the one culprit designing the crimes, or trying to catch up with the pattern in order to stop someone in the act.

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