Worse Over Time

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A fresh start that's already rotten.
Dominic Saltburn never had a lot in life, and that was his lot in life; what he didn't anticipate was waking up from a coma to find the little he had was gone. With no job, or friends, he moves in with his parents and tries to rebuild.
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Worse Over Time

By Adam Wright.

'Worse Over Time' is a dark comedy that plays around the idea of the worst case scenario actually happening. When quiet Dominic Saltburn un-characteristically tries to defend an old woman on the Bus, he is put into a coma, and awakens to a less than ideal world.

Dominic has lost his job, his apartment, and none of his "friends" seemed to have taken any notice of his accident. People will often daydream the concept of a fresh start, but the reality of beginning from scratch is a lot less glamourous, as this show would attest. Dominic moves back in to his parents house, who are less than thrilled with having to sacrifice the spare bedroom, and in looking for a new career, he quickly sees that he doesn't have very many transferable skills to get the career of his dreams.

Episode One deals with the waking up from the incident, and coming to grips with the new status quo, and introduces us to characters like his parents and job advisor. As the series would progress, he would try to get back in to the swing of society; nights out, social clubs, dating, apprenticeships, job interviews , etc, and all would take some unfortunate/ironic/cringey turns. The dark and bleak sense of humour is influenced by shows like 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'The Bear', 'Peep Show', and 'Afterlife'.

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