Where the Rock Meets the Maple

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When basketball player Casey Williams travels cross country to play for the LA Rushers, her brother, Justin’s, drinking problems spill into her life, putting childhood dreams at risk.
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At her college graduation, ambitious basketball player Casey Williams is approached by Coach Veronica Jennings of the Los Angeles Rushers, with an offer to join the team. Casey quickly accepts and breaks the news to her family and friends at her graduation party later that day. Justin, Casey’s younger brother who struggles with alcoholism, takes offense to the announcement and causes a scene putting a heavy rift between him and Casey just before she leaves.

Casey arrives in LA to a new set of teammates, a new environment, and an old romance trying to reignite itself. Within her first day in LA, Casey runs into her ex boyfriend, Reggie, who left her in the east coast to pursue his own basketball career. Dealing with this new emotion, Casey struggle to focus at practice and it takes a while for her new teammates to warm up to her. On a night out with the team Casey ignores a call from her Drunken brother who ultimately finds himself in a major accident.

Casey overcomes the distraction and helps guide her team into the playoffs which leads to Justin and Casey’s mother, Teresa, paying her a visit. Casey and Justin still haven’t fully recovered from Justin’s accident, so when he stands up for her at her first playoff game Casey assumes it was just another drunken incident of his. Casey and Justin ultimately have a heart to heart before Casey goes into the final hoping to walk off the court a champion.