The Waiting Room

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After the sudden and violent death of his father struggling college student, Wilson Ramirez, is assigned to intern at a pain management clinic specializing in chronic illness, where he learns the true value of enjoying life despite pain.
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Wilson Ramirez, a struggling college student with a lot on his plate at home since the tragic unexpected death of his father. is assigned to work at a Pain Management Clinic by his professor, Javier Camacho. With so much to deal with at home between his sister Nala and his mother Alyxandria, the internship immeditatley becomes an additional burden Wilson can't imagine handling.

Wilson arrives at his first day on the Job to mee his boss, Helen Shepherd, and begins working at the reception desk of Alvarez Medical Research Clinic. Wilson begins meeting patients with unique stories immediately and a few particular characters stand out, including Bill Russell, a patient with an unbelievable love for life and Thomas, a class clown type who never knows when he's gone too far.

Wilson develops a relationship with the patients in the waiting room overtime, that nearly comes to a crash during a heated argument between him and Thomas. Wilson ultimately learns a valuable lesson around persepctive and understanding that there may always be someone worst off than you.