What God did, and I have proof, from the WNYW Channel 5 Fox News Editors in NYC and the EVOI Productions that the Coronavirus COVID-19 attack happened almost four months after September 6, 2019 when I signed the movie contract. I signed a $10,000,000 movie contract to adapt my book Rumors into a motion picture with the producers that came to my house in person in Staten Island, NY and their names were Michelle Wong, Jason Rodriguez, and Chiahao Chou from the EVOI Productions. They liked my books and we signed a Movie Contract. That's when 1 year, 2 months and 28 days later on March 29, 2021 Michelle Wong the CEO from EVOI Productions Team terminated my $10,000,000 movie contract. The first year of the COVID-19 planet earth was on lockdown for one year and a few months everybody on earth had to stay indoors. The whole wide world was a Ghost Town.

God decided to alter two things in 2020 just because I was exposing God in my movie. The first thing that God altered, was that God confessed with his benefactors (The Corrupted Cops) for the murderers of Jam Master Jay, the DJ of the Rap Group Run DMC from Hollis Queens, NY after 18 years of Jason Mizell's death on October 30, 2002. (The Corrupted Cops) and (God) came out of hiding finally and arrested the murderers of Jason Mizell on August 17, 2020 simply because I was getting to close of producing my movie with the EVOI Productions Team about everything that (God) and (Run DMC) did to me throughout my life since October 31, 1980, and it is also written in my books Portal to Hell and Rumors. That's why God spiritually set up Jam Master Jay and had him killed on October 30, 2002, two years, six months, thirteen days after my book Portal to Hell was published and copyrighted on April 17, 2000. God was planning to falsely set me up in jail for life, or have me killed with Jason Mizell's family or Run DMC's black fans. Luckily I have an alibi for 20 years! And that is my beloved girlfriend Ely.

The second thing that God altered was the Presidential Election for 2024 by changing the destiny of the apocalypse that's mentioned in the book of Revelation. If Donald J. Trump would've won the second term for the next four years 2020-2024. Donald Trump was on his way to rebuild the third Temple of Jerusalem to usher in the Antichrist, the false prophet in Rome, and the Devil himself. Apparently I created a special vinyl banner about this event! If Donald Trump would've won, I was supposed to show my banner in the summer of June 1, 2020 to everyone in Times Square Manhattan so thousands of people could see what Donald Trump was up to. God on the other hand, contaminated not only my audience on 42nd Street Manhattan with my Trump banner but God also spread a dangerous DISEASE worldwide that killed millions of people on earth. The disease is called COVID-19 the Coronavirus. Please view Donald J. Trump banner in my twitter account.

NEWS UPDATE: August 17, 2020 - Nearly two decades after the slaying of Run-DMC star Jam Master Jay, federal prosecutors said Monday they have solved one of New York City's most enduring mysteries, charging two men from his neighborhood with murder and suggesting that the hip-hop artist celebrated for his anti-drug stance was ambushed over a cocaine deal. According to prosecutors, Jam Master Jay would bring in bulk amounts of cocaine to sell retail and was killed as retribution for cutting Ronald Tinard Washington out of a plan to distribute 10 kilograms in Maryland. Prosecutors now say Jason Mizell had been bringing cocaine into the New York City area in 1996 to 2002. The suspects were identified in court papers as Ronald Tinard Washington, 56, who is currently serving a federal prison sentence stemming from a string of robberies while on the run from police after Jam Master Jay's 2002 death, and Karl Jordan Jr. 36, who is also charged with engaging in a cocaine distribution conspiracy in 2017.