Adara Spence

I am a house-bound writer who lives happily with my husband and two cats, spending my days hopping from world to world via audiobooks and manga. I've wanted to be an author since I was 6, or so I've been told. Other options included: doctor, plumber, scientist, accountant, pilot and pokemon trainer.

After pulling out of university due to ill health, I turned to writing. I wrote "Drawing Red" as escapism, but also to low key raise awareness of one of my more annoying conditions: POTS. It is not very well known and is often misdiagnosed. Primarily afflicting women, it kicks in during the teenage years and post-illnesses (or after forays into space, which sadly I has not visited).

I offer my services to writers as a sensitivity reader for my conditions: autism, POTS and EDS.

I am also a trustee and director of the charity Skimstone Arts, which engages young people and those at risk of social isolation through the arts.

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Kirstie Long Tue, 15/08/2023 - 11:24

A good, well written interesting start to the book which pulls people in. Appears quite original and I liked the characterisation, wanting to know more.

Gale Winskill Tue, 22/08/2023 - 16:44

I really like the innovative idea of interpreting for another species via art, as it has a lot of potential. It is currently a bit slow to get going, but if the initial pace could be stepped up, to engage the reader sooner, this would certainly be an interesting prospect.

Paula Sheridan Thu, 31/08/2023 - 18:15

This is a comment from a publisher judge who asked us to post this comment:

A fascinating premise. It would be exciting to see how this develops and to see more of Lucy’s internality interspersed with the dialogue. Also be curious to see the story start at the point where the book is introduced. Getting the mystery on the page right off the bat could be a more effective hook.