Young Writer Award 2022

The Page Turner Award's Young Writer Award is for writers aged between 18 and 25 who want to place their writing in front of literary agents and publishers in the hope of having their writing discovered.

"Apoptosis, or Cell Death " by Kay Mancino

Somewhere buried beneath this campus, there is a bomb. It’s hidden, but it’s not silent.
And someone will find it.
It just depends on when.

"The Wars of Ice and Plenty" by Kelly Wruck
Genre: Fantasy

The Wars of Ice and Plenty is a new adult fantasy novel following the journey of a young woman seeking her own identity while learning to navigate life alone in a world made for men.

"Remember" by Felicia Heilgendorff

No one told Katie about her twin. And she can’t remember.

"A Reckoning of Dragons" by Kate Samuels
Genre: Fantasy

Dragons are out, dirigibles are in. When a young rider’s death leaves her dragon’s saddle empty, a restless debutante, poor relation of a dirigible magnate, steps forward to fill it. But behind the walls of the garrison, mutiny simmers: when the reckoning comes, she'll have to choose a side.

"The Three Muses " by Yvette Naden

Ten years after his disappearance, the body of famous writer Harry Turner is pulled from the Doxey Marshes, prompting an investigation that delves into his most controversial relationships: his wife, his mistress and his underage conquest. In situations like these, is there such a thing as truth?

"A Serpent's Tale " by Georgina Barrowclough
Genre: Fantasy

Meet Roselyn—the deadliest assassin in Rivergarde.
After a lone human murders a fae prince, her father, the human king's general, strikes a bargain to uphold peace. However, this comes at a great cost; Roselyn's freedom. She becomes a prisoner to the precarious fae, acting as collateral.

"Four White Walls" by Debbie Alty
Genre: Memoir

Five months after my appendectomy and I'm back in hospital, but this time for a major operation. My fear of dying has intensified, I don't trust my body anymore. As I come to terms with this life-changing experience, I philosophically analyse myself and those who have impacted my life.

"SILVERMANE" by Georges le Macon

Hunting the St. Lawerence Strangler, Dr. Bethany Lomax begins to believe there is a psychic link between herself and Canada’s most prolific child murderer.

"The War Of Blockheart" by Nick Ottaviano
Genre: Fantasy

After the governor of Blockheart conducts assaults on multiple towns in his own province, the survivors are left to escape the monster-infested ruins to come together and force him out of power.

"Things that Grow in the Dark" by Robin McGrew
Genre: Fantasy

Within a floating world where towers and treetops brush the sun, there is a mysterious island promising power and purpose for any young woman with the means to take it. Here, the paths of an unsure apprentice and a servant who is more than she seems intertwine in the shadow of a brutal murder.

"H0M3 FR33" by Sydney E. Low

In a dystopia of mental health and obsessive perfectionism, four friends attempt to smuggle students and citizens out from a militant government's control before their lives are claimed either by the government's hand or their own.

"Pomp & Circumstance" by Jess Ritenour

In the twilight moments of a life well lived, a man decides that the last thing he wants to do is play a game of Go-Fish with Death.

"The Blood King" by Ian Krietzberg
Genre: Fantasy

Rian Baylor escaped life as a slave and found freedom in a new home, an ocean away. But when that home is razed around him, he wants vengeance. He sets out in pursuit of blood and finds instead love, war, and suffering. A girl draws him back to his homeland, where he discovers a secret organization