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Craig Laferriere for "A Christian Living in the Post-Apocalyptic Age"
Genre: Christian

JAC Laferriere is almost a retired scientist. He has numerous publications on a wide range of topics in vaccine research and development, from how to manufacture a vaccine to the health economics of publicly funded immunisation programs. He especially enjoys writing poems, novels and plays with a

Rosemary ESEHAGU for "Out of the Cocoon: The Journey to Becoming"
Genre: Memoir

I am a native Nigerian with many different passions. I believe that one of the keys to happiness is finding a way to blend one’s passions and make them work together, rather than sacrificing one passion for another. I contribute to Paradoxical Chameleon, a blog about embracing one’s whole self. I am

Diane Corso for "Broken Things"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

Diane Corso is a San Francisco Bay Area blogger at The Corso Papers, where she enjoys writing about bad (and good!) horror films. Her latest novel, Broken Things, placed second in the Horror/Paranormal category of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Contest for 2023. She recently guested on

Karin Doucette for "A Touching Love"
Genre: Drama

I grew up on a petite island in eastern Canada then drifted into a corporate career that fit my nomadic nature and took me around the hemispheres. I've left my footprints on every continent. In 2020, I left the business world to focus on my creative writing projects. Themes of nomadism, self

Ann Willow for "Remembering Changes Everything"
Genre: True Stories

I am an author, playwright, and freelance writer loving life in the American Southwest. Surviving and fleeing my upbringing in the Chicago area under the tutelage of white supremacist parents, I wandered until I found my true home here, inspired by the mystical landscapes, unique cultural history

Neil Chase for "Dead Strays"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

I'm a writer, actor, and story coach from Edmonton, Canada. After working for years in a technical field, the company I worked for went under. Seeing it as an opportunity rather than a drawback, I decided to follow my passion of writing and film fulltime. With numerous produced screenplays and

John Slayton for "Lake Brightside"
Genre: Horror

My debut novel, Running to Graceland, won the Independent Book Publishers gold medal in popular fiction in 2019. I have published fiction in Close to the Bone, Flash Fiction Magazine, Vermont Magazine and a young adult short story anthology published by Simon and Schuster, Soul Searching (2002). I

Bryony Seager for "Hide Me In Plain Sight"
Genre: Fantasy

I'm Bryony. I'm 29, and I'm from Northern England. I've been writing, in various capacities, since I was 12.

Alida Winternheimer for "Saving Annabelle"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Alida Winternheimer is an award-winning writer, editor, and teacher. The creator of the Story Works Round Table podcast, the Story Works Fiction online school of creative writing, and developmental editor and writing coach at Word Essential, she has published two craft books, and multiple stories

Ben Alvord for "The Flames of the Son"
Genre: Young Adult

Ben Alvord has been writing across many different mediums since he was a kid. He's worked in screenwriting, slam poetry, live storytelling, sketch comedy and his original love, fiction. Ben lives in the Hudson Valley of New York with his wife and pitbull mix. When he's not writing, he's working his

Nick McLoughlin for "Slings and Arrows"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Nick McLoughlin was born and brought up in Derby. After university he escaped teaching by running away to the French Alps to go snowboarding. He is still there. He is an alumni of the respected Faber 'Writing a Novel' course, and is currently working on his second novel.

Claire Mitchell for "Felled"
Genre: Women's Fiction

I'm a freelance copywriter living a (mostly) quiet life in South Devon, after spending a decade in the city. I enjoy live music, travel, psychology and spending time outside, and am currently working on my second novel.

Alex Rogowsky for "On Three"
Genre: Mystery & Cozy Mystery

Alex is a library manager from Brandon, Manitoba.

Timothy Jay Smith for "Istanbul Crossing"
Genre: LGBT

From a young age, Timothy Jay Smith developed a ceaseless wanderlust that has taken him around the world many times. En route, he’s found the characters that people his work. Polish cops and Greek fishermen, mercenaries and arms dealers, child prostitutes and wannabe terrorists, Indian Chiefs and

Robin Korb for "The Other Half of Me"
Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Books

I was born in Wisconsin, raised in Southern California, then moved back to Wisconsin, where I’ve lived for the last 35 years. Having four seasons instead of two has been one of the many benefits of living in Northwestern Wisconsin. So is living in the country, because I get to enjoy its beauty and

for "Welcome to Perfectville"
Genre: Sci-Fi

Author of thrillers and crime fiction, also SF and romance (on the side)

Jill Whitehouse for "Seven Sins"
Genre: Crime

I’m a lawyer who started writing about seven years ago. I'm currently working on Seven Sins, a locked room murder mystery set in a City law firm, inspired by my time as a corporate finance partner in two such firms. My elevator pitch is: Seven suspects. Seven sins. Which one is deadly? My previous

Tom Gaisford for "THE MUSE & THE MOLE"
Genre: Romance

Tom Gaisford is a barrister in the field of immigration and asylum law, and a freelance contributor to The Independent, The Tablet and Open Democracy. In 2021, he froze his practising certificate and moved with his young family to Guernsey, where he has since completed his first novel, SANCTUARY

Darrell Bowling for "All's Lost in Love and War"
Genre: Action Adventure

Darrell Bowling, after a career in corporate aviation spanning fifty-five years, I now follow my favorite pastime, storytelling. With a thirty-year history as a pilot, part-time dealer, and pit boss for Nevada casinos, my background lends me to a life most only dream of. An old Chinese proverb reads

Kate Ker for "Slender As The Willow"
Genre: Non-Fiction

At last, I am retired and can concentrate full-time on writing two novels inspired by my work as a psychotherapist; one of which, Raven's Wing, is now complete and is submitted here. It's loosely based on a true story and set in 1980s Scotland, just as women's groups were emerging around the UK and