Human Bodies

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With the help of technology, doctors can now assist individuals in achieving what was previously impossible. Humans look a little different today than in recent history. This book explores various themes such as chronic illness, differently-abled bodies, queer communities, and more.
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All humans have a body, even you! Bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors but all bodies are largely the same. Baby bodies are even more similar! I’ll show you what I mean –

All babies have a head. Heads have:

One nose for smelling

One mouth for eating

Two ears for hearing

Two eyes for seeing

Some mouths have trouble swallowing. A doctor can help with that by giving the baby a tube to bring food to their bellies.

Some ears have trouble hearing. A doctor can help with that by giving the baby little machines that can help them hear better.

Some eyes have trouble seeing. A doctor can help with that by giving the baby glasses.

Let’s not forget that inside, baby heads also have a brain for thinking. What are you thinking right now?

All babies have a chest. Chests have:

Two nipples (and sometimes more!)

Inside of chests are:

One heart for moving blood throughout the body.

Two lungs for breathing.

You can feel your heart beating right now, just place your hand on your chest!

Some hearts are born with defects. A doctor can help with that by performing surgery, leaving a cool scar on the chest.

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