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The Devils' Cradle (Suspense & Thriller, Screenplay Award 2023)
The Devils' Cradle (Suspense & Thriller, Book Award 2023)
Playing the Part (Romance, Screenplay Award 2023)
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A lonely engineer’s world begins to crumble when his best friend’s 15 year old daughter makes inappropriate advances toward him, forcing him to reveal his dark secret.
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CARL LOCKHART (33), a mild mannered engineer, rekindles a friendship with his high-school friend, struggling single mother JESSICA CLEARY (33), and soon forms an easygoing relationship with her 15 year old daughter, RIANNA…

…until the moment she kisses him.

Carl instantly rejects her advances, but she’s right when she points out that he has feelings for her. Despite Carl gently giving her the excuse that she’s too young, he leaves her with the impression that he wants her, but just won’t admit it.

Carl’s clean-freak boss, STEPHEN BARNET (34), soon becomes involved when he saves Rianna from a close call with a vicious dog. With a grudge against Carl and a taste for all things pure, Stephen sees in Rianna an opportunity he can’t resist.

It’s not long before Stephen systematically begins to drive a wedge between Carl and Rianna. Consumed by the thought of losing her, Carl’s actions become downright possessive. When Rianna witnesses Carl’s aggression toward Stephen, she quickly comes to the conclusion that hanging out with Stephen is a great way to make Carl jealous.

Of course, Stephen’s more than happy to shower Rianna with the affection she craves… and use her to torment Carl at every opportunity.

As Carl’s life begins to unravel, Stephen’s sinister intentions become more evident, forcing Carl ever closer to exposing his own dark secret. With Rianna caught in the middle, an all out primal war ignites between the two men.

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