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"The Unfolding of Time," by Peryn Roel, is about three siblings who embark on an incredible adventure through the Realms of Llalethar. The story centers around a prophecy said to involve three human children and is filled with eccentric creatures that are met along the way. Peryn's ideas drew from her love of the "Chronicles of Narnia," the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, and Cornelia Funke.
This story would not be what it is without Peryn's family listening to her talk out ideas and offering up thoughts of their own. Her goal for this book and the series to follow is to write a compelling adventure that parents and teachers feel good about placing in the hands of middle-grade children.
Peryn grew up in the countryside of Michigan and now lives on ten wooded acres near Leesburg, Virginia. She studied English and Anthropology and has worked with kids in various professional settings. When she is not writing Peryn is actively involved in theatre with her daughter, including producing and directing a production of "Alice and Wonderland." She also enjoys playing tennis with her son, creating outdoor landscapes with her husband, photography, anything with an artistic bent, and spending time with good friends.
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Unfolding of Time~The Curse
Three siblings discover a magic door and a key beneath an old willow, sending them traveling through the Realms of Llalethar. When Ella is cursed by the enemy, she must fight the power of the curse and the fear that she may cause the downfall of the Realms as foretold in a Prophecy of long ago.
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Ann Brady Mon, 18/01/2021 - 12:31

I was delighted with the read of your story and am so happy to be working with you in the process of your writing journey and am looking forward to seeing the final results of your hard work.

Ann Brady

Mentoring Writers

S. Peryn Roel Mon, 25/01/2021 - 04:33

In reply to by Ann Brady

I was thrilled when I found out we would be working together. I've enjoyed your podcasts on Twitter and know you will have much to offer in helping me develop into a better writer. I am ooking forward to continuing my writing journey with you and seeing the end result.

Thank you!


S. Peryn Roel Mon, 25/01/2021 - 04:38

In reply to by S. Peryn Roel

I am also "looking" forward to working with you! Nothing like seeing your mistake just as you hit the save button! Written proof we all need a great editor. :)