Emily MacNevin

Emily MacNevin
Emily MacNevin is a freelance music journalist, currently writing for Prog, Spin (USA) and Record Collector magazines. She has been freelancing since she was 21 after completing multiple work experience placements at local newspapers including West Sussex County Times and Dorking Advertiser where she was tasked with interviewing Actor, Christopher Biggins on her first day! She studied Graphic Design:Visual Communication at University for Creative Arts in Kent but dropped out after realising how much she loved journalism and writing. She studied her NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism and this has enhanced her freelance journalism profile.

Emily has always loved reading poetry and has been writing poetry from a young age, she has been focusing more on her creative writing since the birth of her 22 month old daughter Elodie who inspires a lot of her poetry and children's books she has written, including Ruby's Big Red Heart and the Lucy & 3 Bears series she is currently working on. She loves to write in rhyming verse and is a big fan of Julia Donaldson and Lorna Crozier!

As a child Emily grew up reading a lot and was a massive fan of Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss with Dr Seuss being a big influence for her stories and style of writing (poetry and books). She loves reading a new book but equally loves writing stories and allowing the imagery of the adventure to flow around in her mind. She's a big fan of space and fantasy so a lot of the stories and ideas she has for stories involve the moon, stars, planets, fairies, dragons etc. Emily loves writing fiction and pushing her imagination to unusually weird places, a lot of the story plots she has written and have ideas for, explore an over the top uniqueness, especially the stories from the Lucy & 3 Bears series, for instance, A Whale Swam Out Of My Sink, which was one of the first short picture books she wrote from the series.
Award Category Finalist
Award Submission Title
Ruby's Big Red Heart
Ruby's Big Red Heart is a warm and compassionate children's picture book story about a little girl who has a big heart full of love and wants to spend Valentine's Day morning sharing it around to everyone. Ruby doesn't discriminate against race, age or sex and loves everyone and everything equally which is the moral of the story. Ruby enjoys a morning stroll and gives everyone she meets a red heart balloon.
My Submission
Ruby’s Big Red Heart
A Celebration of Loving Equally

Pages 1&2
“Happy Valentine’s Day world,” says Ruby, looking out at the sun. Ruby has a big heart and wants to send love to everyone…

Pages 3&4
A heart for my mummy who’s still asleep in bed.
A heart for my daddy who’s in his garden shed.

Pages 5&6
A heart for my cat sitting on top of the car.
A heart for the neighbour’s son who’s playing his guitar.

Pages 7&8
A heart for the postman who’s posting letters through the door.
A heart for the insects crawling along the floor.

Pages 9&10
A heart for the kids playing in the park.
A heart for the tweeting birds and singing lark.

Pages 11&12
A heart for the fluffy owls perched in the tree.
A heart for the green frogs who are covered in algae.

Pages 13&14
A heart for the ducks sitting by the marsh.
A heart for the snake slithering through the green grass.

Pages 15&16
A heart for the bunnies emerging from their hole.
A heart for the brown horse cuddling with her foal.

Pages 17&18
A heart for the little girl giving her daddy a kiss.
A heart for the elderly couple who give a sigh of bliss.

Pages 19&20
A heart for the blue whale swimming in the sea.
A heart for the seagulls picking at beach debris.

Pages 21&22
A heart for the jelly fish sunbathing in the sand.
A heart for the boy who’s holding his mummy’s hand.

Pages 23&24
A heart for the crying baby who’s bouncing in a chair.
A heart for the girl who always loves to share.

Pages 25&26
A heart for the old man who seems very alone.
A heart for every living thing on this planet we like to call our home.

Back cover: -
Ruby has a big heart that has room for all, from adults that are big to insects that are small. Sharing love to everyone she meets along the way, as she enjoys her morning stroll on this very loved up day.


Ann Brady Mon, 18/01/2021 - 12:29

I found the story of Ruby very touching and am so happy to be working with you and helping you the through process of creating the book about her. I am sure it's going to be a great success.

Ann Brady

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