Cheryl D. Hill-Lavalle

Cheryl D. Hill-Lavalle
Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Cheryl had an early consciousness there was more to life than what she saw, heard and experienced. She believed "everything happens for a reason" and made a lifetime quest of seeking answers—answers to life and the various challenges she endured. Every traumatic event would catapult her into more research, discovering its purpose. She learned of ancient sciences, universal laws and evolution, applying these for her business success as the sole support of her family for over 20 years and later becoming the C.E.O. of a spiritual healing and wildlife retreat. However, she also witnessed (and experienced) great abuse, injustice and loss through our current systems, meeting thousands of people across the country in poverty and despair, seeing what populations all over the world have to do just to survive or improve their status.
She eventually discovered the last of the missing pieces of life's puzzle and the truth she sought: who we really are, why we are here, and the hidden cause of all the problems we have globally—answers authenticated through "miraculous” validations and events—enough to satisfy her often skeptical, logical and analytical mind.
This lifetime of research is now her first book—a simple "tell all" that holds nothing back, addressing all the issues and challenges of today and how we can improve our life, discovering the simple ways to heal, prosper and thrive—a birthright of all human beings. Now semi-retired, she continues to dedicate her life to the education, empowerment and healing of others—work more important now than ever before to heal our ailing planet and save our very soul.
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How to Control an Entire Planet ... in 5 easy steps
Written under the guise of a science-fiction thriller, this little book soon reveals the “Who, What, How and Why” to every major event occurring on our planet today, revealing the very mysteries mankind has been searching for, for centuries. A simple-to-read book where each reader will discover their potential and that special part dedicated entirely to them. It could change your life and change life as we know it on this planet.
My Submission
How you use the facts presented, I will let you decide, based on whatever stage of enlightenment you find yourself in. Whether you are an ambitious human wanting to conquer a less evolved race, a lover of mysteries, crimes and intriguing tales, or someone who is seeking answers to the meaning of life—this book will surely satisfy.
In this time and era of “No More Secrets”, where controversy and scandals are becoming the norm, I offer you a new Exposé, a “Planetary Exposé”—one filled with mystery, corruption, intrigue and plenty of “food for thought”.
At the very least, I present these words to plant a seed in the minds of the inhabitants of this little blue planet, a planet that represents merely a tiny speck among the many universes that exist today. Our planet is the youngest, with a human population described by many other life-forms as: “uneducated bags of mostly water, primitive and savage in their current evolution.”
The first five chapters are channeled and narrated (in italics) from an alien’s point of view—one of the alien races who had taken over and successfully controlled at least two populated planets, attesting to their proficiency in this process. One planet, after years of their control, exhausted its life—a physical legacy of a doomed culture. The second planet (a more successful takeover), this alien race will now refer to—one still under their control, and has been for thousands of years.
This story tells of their current takeover, outlining the steps that were used to set up control of its populace.
From the sixth chapter forward, I take the story in a new direction, revealing more important history, secrets, discovery and channel—offering powerful solutions to aid our own planet in its present day survival and ways to improve the health, safety and prosperity for all human beings. Note pages are added with the hope as you make your discoveries, it may inspire you to make a difference in your own life, or that of others. You may even discover more of your past within these pages—stifled memories of a distant ancestry.
Written to educate the inhabitants of our own planet, this five-step process is also a confessional of sorts, by a dissenter, one could say, of this alien race. I’ve heard that he is one of many of his kind who is tiring of the control and deceit they have perpetuated. In its telling, there may be hope for our own understanding: that all souls, aliens and humans alike, can evolve, absolve their misgivings, and seek forgiveness. This is something we as humans would do well to master for our own peace and evolution.
This book, I’ve also found, has some divine “magic” within its pages. One, that once read, then randomly opened with intent, will provide a valuable message for the reader on that day.
I hope that it will not only inform, but inspire, long after its completion—helping you gain the wisdom and power to not only enhance your own life, but all life on our planet.
Follow this journey and decide for yourself.


Tandera Fri, 02/10/2020 - 02:32

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback, especially coming from a published author like yourself! Am hoping this first amateur attempt at writing gets "out there", however, as now the "real" work starts (marketing with no funds or tech skills!) This book was created specifically as a "self-help" book for the millions who are struggling today, those seeking answers (answers purposely hidden from us for centuries) - so they may heal and evolve the "easy" way and awaken from the Matrix. I never thought it would ever stand up to any writing critique and just entered this on a whim. The final chapters (after the original story) are the most significant, offering real solutions to all the problems our world faces (incl. the pandemic we're in). After 50 years of research, challenges, and miracles (and 6 years to complete), this book may represent my last legacy to the world; so am hoping it can eventually gain international status (here's hoping). Again, thanks for your good wishes and many more to you also! Namaste.

Tandera Fri, 02/10/2020 - 02:43

Mary: Thank you so much for your kind words. Appreciate the feedback from professionals like yourself. My book was never intended for any "contest", however, it was done solely to spread truth so the world population can heal (as above). Thanks again and all the best to you also! Namaste