Paula Sheridan

Paula Sheridan, founder of Page Turner Awards

Paula Sheridan is an award-winning entrepreneur and the award-winning author of The People's Book Prize for her debut novel, The Grotto's Secret, written under her pen name, Paula Wynne. Harbouring a near-obsessive love of learning the craft of writing, Paula has been scribbling down the stuff in her head ever since she can remember.

Paula came up with the idea for Page Turner Awards when she won The People's Book Prize in 2017 and received her award from Sir Frederick Forsyth at a glittering awards ceremony in London.

When she's not day-dreaming up plots for new historical thrillers while walking her Springer Spaniel in the Andalusian countryside, she's helping Indie Authors to achieve their dream of seeing the novels in a reader's hands, through her reading community on Book Luver. Paula also blogs about writing techniques and reviews writing books on Writing Goals.


Winner of the People's Book Prize 2017 for The Grotto's Secret
Winner of BT Small Business Week 'Responsible Business Day' Award
Winner of BT FreshIdeas Events Mentor Competition
Nominated Top 100 Business in Barclays Trading Places Award
Runner Up in the Enterprise Challenge in the 2009 Enterprising Women Awards
Finalist for Best Online Business in Women on their Way Awards
Blue Drop Awards: Best Social Website
The Guardian: Nominated in Home Business Showcase
Forbes: Nominated in 100 Best Websites For Women

After a career as a publicist, marketer and freelance writer, Paula became a popular speaker, and is often invited onto BBC Radio. She has been featured in various magazines and on ITV.

Paula has been featured on Sky News, Radio 2 and is often asked to comment on BBC radio stations. She has appeared in The Independent on Sunday, Financial Times, The Guardian, Red Magazine, Berkshire Life, Country Life, Start Your Own Business, People Today, People Management, OnRec, Management Today, Country Living, Pay Monthly and Financial Mail, along with numerous regional and local publications across the country.

She has also been on the morning TV breakfast shows a couple of times to discuss various topics. When she is not ‘head-down’ focusing on writing, Paula also speaks at seminars across the UK.

Paula runs several writing websites, including Book Luver (an avid reading community), Page Turner Awards (an international writing contest), Writing Goals (a writing advice blog), and Secret World Retreat (a writing retreat in Spain).


S.L. Roman Fri, 12/02/2021 - 07:28

Dear Paula. Would it be possible, please, to create a category for Young Adult fiction?

I will give you a ring this morning.

I paid the entry for myself and my writing partner last night. But I did not want to submit the ms. (and screenplay) into the wrong category.

Sincerely S.Onions (writing under the name S.L. Roman).

Grasom Wed, 05/01/2022 - 19:46


In 2020 and 2021 I submitted in the writing award category. In 2020 I believe writers could see "stars" that readers had awarded them. However, I did not see the same in 2021. Is there any way I can see my reader evaluations?

Thank you.

Candace Cox

Dan McCrory Mon, 15/05/2023 - 02:23


I was looking for an NDA to send to someone and I found this on my hard drive. I don't remember even discussing this. Did I miss an opportunity?


Dan McCrory


Page Turner Awards Non-Disclosure Agreement

Agreement Effective From: 8 February 2022

Term of the Agreement: This agreement will run for one year from the Effective Date above and for two years thereafter, or until such time as the confidential information is released into the public domain.

Parties: The Disclosing Party is Page Turner Awards Ltd represented by its co-founders Ken and Paula Sheridan (PTA)

The Receiving Party is ……Daniel McCrory……………………………………………

The Agreed Work: It is agreed between the two parties that work on rewriting dialogue will be undertaken, either as short trial-run or as a full project, whereby The Receiving Party will conduct this work as instructed by Paula Sheridan on behalf of PTA

Reason for the Agreement: The Receiving Party is being hired by the Disclosing Party for a project that includes access to confidential information including, but not limited to, copyright ownership by a third party.

The Confidential Information: Confidential information will include any of the unpublished works of writers and authors, in whatever format, and which cannot be disclosed, copied or in any way released by the Receiving Party, in whole or in part, to any unauthorised third party. To do so would be a breach by the Receiving Party of the writers’ copywrite. No exclusions to this are permitted.

Confidential Information will also extend other types of information that may be released by PTA at any time during this Agreement to the Receiving Party and which may include, but not be limited to, other author/writer information, marketing and related business plans, website access codes and any financial or commercial information relating to the PTA or its sister company, Prado Press Ltd.

The Receiving Party agrees to:

Not disclosing Confidential Information without the written consent of the Disclosing Party

Using the information only for the agreed business purposes, and only on a “need to know or need to use” basis

Not disclosing the information to anyone who has not signed a PTA NDA

Any material disclosed shall not be copied or passed on in any form to any other party during the term of this agreement without the prior written consent of Ken Sheridan or Paula Sheridan.

Any disclosures of any sort by Ken Sheridan or Paula Sheridan shall not be used to compete or interfere in any way with the commercial interests of either company, PTA or Prado Press Ltd

Conflict of interest of any sort that may exist before, or occurs during, discussions or collaborations will immediately be declared to Ken Sheridan or Paula Sheridan

All the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement shall extend to any further negotiations or discussions of any kind between PTA and the Receiving Party and shall continue for the period specified in the Term of the Agreement

Acknowledgements and Breach

The Receiving Party acknowledges that the rights which are sought to be protected by this Agreement are unique and that any breach by it or by an Authorised Person of these terms cause The Disclosing Party irreparable and unquantifiable damage and that The Disclosing Party be entitled to apply for (but without prejudice to any such rights as The Disclosing Party may have to obtain damages in any such respect) interlocutory and/or final injunctive or other equitable relief against or in respect of any actual or threatened breach hereof by The Receiving Party or any Authorised Person.

The Receiving Party agrees that it shall be responsible for any breach of any of the terms of this Agreement by The Receiving Party (including its directors, officers, agents, colleagues and employees) or by any Authorised Person, and that The Receiving Party will indemnify The Disclosing Party from and against all loss or damage (including but not limited to legal costs) which may arise from the unauthorised disclosure or use of any of the Confidential Information by The Receiving Party or its directors, officers, agents, colleagues or employees, or by any Authorised Person.

Responsibility for any breach will include any action taken against PTA by a third party copyright owner of the confidential information worked on by The Receiving Party covered in this agreement.

All the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement shall extend to any further negotiations or discussions of any kind between The Disclosing Party and The Receiving Party and shall continue for the period specified in Term of the Agreement above.

SIGNED by:- Paula Sheridan SIGNED by:-Dan McCrory

Paula Sheridan Daniel McCrory

-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Date: 8 February 2022 Date:

Print Name: Print Name:

Position: Position:

For and on behalf of: For and on behalf of:

Page Turner Awards