Gods, Demons and other Things

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God's other son convinces The Almighty to allow him to visit earth in order to make things right. Things don't go well for him and upon his return back to heaven he is devastated by what awaits him.
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God's other son, Benjamin, convinces Him to be allowed to visit earth with dreams of succeeding where his older brother, Jesus, had failed. While on earth things don't go well for Benjamin. He is disappointed to learn that he can not perform miracles like Jesus did. Adding to his misery, the Demon appears uninvited and constantly harasses Benjamin, stating that God is actually an imposter and everything that Benjamin has been taught and tutored has been but a lie. Ambitious, Benjamin continues with his earthly experience only to be further disappointed with more horrible exposures. Upon his return back to heaven, he discovers the perhaps there was some truth in what the Demon had been implying. Heaven as he knew it has vanished, replaced with empty ugliness. All saints and messengers that once walked freely in their magnificent white robes were now packing their belongs and placing them in idling chariots that hovered in mid air. To his added horror, everyone is transforming into reptilian aliens, including his brother Jesus and even God Himself.