The Blue animal

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Small intelligent extra terrestrials abduct a man from earth for the sole purpose of adding him to their planet's zoo.
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Out for dinner with his pregnant wife and seven year old son, a young man (Nick) is abducted by two extra terrestrials hunters. Though under three feet in height, these intelligent aliens, (covered in firm reptilian scales,) succeed in delivering this “dangerous animal” back to their planet and placing him in a zoo where he is exhibited along with other strange creatures. Over the years Nick adapts to captivity, accepts his fate and masters the skill to survive as a corralled animal. After he saves a alien child’s life, who slipped into his enclosure, Nick becomes a celebrity. Visitors flock the zoo to see him which gives the zoo owner the idea to spring his hunters loose again. He sends them back to earth to abduct a female for Nick, hoping that the couple will produce an offspring and in turn boost attendance figures even further.
A female (Julie) is kidnapped and brought back and though her relationship with Nick is stormy at first, they eventually fall in love and she gives birth to a boy (Luke). Attendance sky rockets. The “animal family” is so celebrated that the planet’s King requests a private tour for the entire Royal Family. When a little princess lays eyes on 5 year old Luke, she must have him as her “pet.” The zoo owner succumbs to temptation and greed. He sells Luke to the King, devastating both Julie and Nick. The little princess quickly gets bored with her “pet” Luke and stops feeding him until Luke starves to death. Julie can’t get over the loss of her son and dies shortly after leaving Nick alone once more.
Meanwhile back home Nick’s original family comes to terms with his mysterious disappearance and formally declare him legally dead. Nick’s earth wife gets remarried and his son becomes a first round draft pick for a professional hockey team.
Back at the zoo, the owner realizes he made a terrible mistake. With Luke and Julie dead, two of the main attractions, attendance figures plummet. Zoo customers are not happy and over the years stay away in droves. With Nick now close to death, he can’t have him die at the zoo. He decides to let Nick die with dignity, back at earth. This act of kindness will bring customers back to the zoo, he reasons. “And while at the blue planet, bring the zoo back a new “animal family” he orders his hunters.
Once back at earth, an old and dying skinny Nick, along with his long white hair and beard encounters his original family. He recognizes them, but goes out of his way to remain unknown. Content that he saw them one final time, Nick instinctively heads to the Minnesota zoo where he dies peacefully.

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